Body image problems treatment

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Body image problems treatment

So many people these days are not happy with their body shapes or physical looks. In my previous articles i said that body image problems usually result from poor past experiences (such as criticism) combined with external factors like the media and bad habits such as comparing yourself to others.

Before you can treat body image problem you first need to understand the dynamics of that problem and how your mind thinks about it. In this article i will tell you how to treat body image problems.

Treating Body image problems in men and women

The main cause of body image problems in men and women is being dissatisfied with ones looks. If you don't like the way you look or if you are unsure of your looks then you will become more dependent on external feedback to know whether you are attractive or not. (see I don't like the way i look)

That's why many of the men and women who have body image problems usually feel good about themselves in some situations and feel bad about themselves in other situations.

As long as they are getting positive feedback about their looks or as long as they find signs that proves to them that they are attractive they feel good.

The problem with such approach is that human beings usually interpret reality according to their own belief system rather than being fair while doing it. Its so common for someone with a body image problem who was rejected to believe that the main cause of the rejection was his physical looks!! (see Personal frame of reference

So the first step in treating body image problems in men and women is to learn how to evaluate your own looks with disregard to the opinion of others.

Body image problems treatment and the media

Do you know how confident people think? They get rejected as much as those who lack confidence but whenever they get rejected they always believe that the problem was with something that they did rather than believing that they are the problem.

Once you start believing that you are good looking you will start to depend less on the opinion of others and you will be taking the first step to treating the body image problem.

The media with its movies plays a very important rule in intensifying the body image problem in men and women. When people keep comparing themselves to the Hero movies without understanding that those superb looking people are very rare in real life their body image problems become more complicated.

The second and the most important thing you need to do to treat your body image problem is to stop comparing yourself to movie stars and celebrities.

Body image problems and depression

Just like any other problem, if you ignored your body image problem or tried to keep yourself busy your mind will respond with depression. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that depression is the signal your mind uses when it finds that hope is lost towards solving an important problem.

By ignoring a problem you are telling your mind in an indirect way that there is no possible solution and that's why you get depression as a response.

Some people might get acceptance wrong and believe that they should love their body shapes even if they were resulting from their bad habits. For example if you eat unhealthy food or eat whenever you feel bad then you will hardly be able to love your body shape.

Once you change your bad habits and develop healthy ones you will be able to accept your new body shape even if it wasn't perfect. In short acceptance isn't about accepting the outcome of your bad habits but its about getting rid of your bad habits then accepting the result whatever it is.

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