Should i give up on a girl or a guy who rejected me

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Should i give up on a girl or a guy who rejected me

Should you give up on a person who rejected you?
What if you knew that your crush doesn't like you, should you keep going? or should you just admit the fact and give up on him?

The answer to this question can be found after you know some facts about the psychology of falling in love. If you are sad because your crush rejected you then read this article to know whether you should give up on him or not.

Why you should not give up too early

While love can happen at the first sight and while many people can quickly decide whether they are interested in a person or not still there are many psychological factors that could turn a person from a completely undesired friend to a potential future partner!

Here are some examples:

  • 1) Getting used to the person: It was found that people who are forced to spend time with each other get more closer together even if they initially disliked each other. For example if you didn't like a person then was forced to study with him in the same class you might get closer to him and even change your initial idea about him (see also Can friends become lovers?)
  • 2) Getting addicted to a person: In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i explained how people can become addicted to others as a result of the continues exposure to them. Many people can get addicted to someone even if he was not considered a potential partner by any means. The more they get used to the good treatment that person treats them with the more they will miss him if he suddenly disappeared
  • 3) The unconscious criteria changes with time: I have said earlier that a person will reject another one if he didn't match the items listed in his subconscious criteria (see Love psychology For more information). The good news is that this unconscious criteria changes as the person goes through new life experiences. For example if a girl faced a situation that made her realize how important honesty is then she might start to become attracted to honest people who might have seemed uninteresting to her earlier
  • 4) Change in opinion: Many people prejudge others only to discover that they were wrong earlier. Now what most people do after getting rejected is that they back off. As a result of disappearing the person who judged them finds nothing to change his mind about them. The right thing that should have been done in this case is finding out why were they judged that way then working on changing this incorrect image (see Why do people judge me)
  • 5) Familiarity makes people more comfortable: It was found that people experience more positive emotions around the ones they are familiar with. This means that the more familiar you become to a person the better will be your chance to attract him. (see also Similarity and attraction)

Don't give up even if you were rejected

In short, lots of things can be changed to make your situation favorable again.
Don't get this article wrong and keep chasing your crush for this can turn him off but instead keep trying while giving him his personal space.

As the time passes you might find yourself progressing and even ending up being liked by him.

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