Tips on how to deal with shyness

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Tips for dealing with shyness

There is no doubt that shyness can be one of the factors that severely affects a person's self confidence.

Because lack of self confidence itself results in shyness the shy person gets into a closed loop of shyness and low self esteem that ruins his life.

The good news is that shyness is one of the personal disorders that can be easily treated provided that you know about few effective tips.

Shyness is usually just a symptom for another underlying problem. This means that the first tip you should follow to get over shyness is to find out the root cause behind it.

For example, feelings of inferiority are among the common causes for shyness. If you discovered that you feel inferior to others then you must focus on dealing with inferiority and not shyness simply because shyness will disappear on its own as soon as the inferiority problem is treated.

Getting over shyness by improving your skills

since shy people spend their lives running away from people they never manage to develop the skills required to connect with others and this increases their shyness problem.

As soon as a shy person starts improving his communication skills by learning something like body language for example he will start to feel more confident in approaching people and his shyness might disappear.

So the second tip for dealing with shyness is improving your people skills. You don't have to take courses or read books but you just have to force yourself to talk to people.

The most important tip for getting over shyness

The third and the most important tip for dealing with shyness is understanding that you will make many mistakes in the beginning because you haven't learned yet how to communicate properly.

If a shy person understood this fact he will get over his shyness in no time because after all one of the main reasons that holds the shy person back is that he is afraid to make mistakes while talking to people.

You must understand that the only way to get over your shyness is by making these mistakes. There is no way you can avoid them because after all learning is all about making many mistakes until you find out the right thing that works.

Start to approach strangers even if you don't feel like it. Don't expect that you will talk well in the beginning and whenever you make a mistake record it and find out how you can improve it the next time.

Follow these simple tips and you will get over your shyness in no time.

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