Top 10 Ways to Become Amazingly Tenacious

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you give up easily?

Do you believe you don't have a strong will?
Do you think you don't have the "persistence" genes?
Do you give up few weeks or even few days after you start on something?

If you are like most people who think that will power and tenacity are connected to genes then checkout the following 10 tips to know how things really work.

Top 10 ways to become tenacious

  • 1) Fix your belief system: The number 1 reason people give up is that they carry false beliefs in their minds such as 1) i don't have the right genes 2) I am not lucky..etc. Fix your belief system to develop a powerful will
  • 2) Keep your goals documented: When you have a written plan your mind takes your plans more seriously and gives you more motivation to pursue them
  • 3) Understand that most people say nonsense: Once you realize the fact that most of those who put you down know nothing you won't lose hope easily when they discourage you
  • 4) Remove emotions from the equation: Keep moving even when you don't feel like it. One of the most popular reasons that let people give up is believing that they should only keep moving when they feel like it
  • 5) Don't forget to refuel: Motivation is like fuel don't expect to keep going for months just because you saw one motivational video. You need to refuel your motivation tank all the time
  • 6) Understand this fact: There are no genes for will power! surprise ha? You have no excuse.
  • 7) Read about the success stories of self made people: When you do so you will realize that tenacity always wins even if the whole world was against you
  • 8) Burn the ships: Put yourself under pressure by eliminating the option of giving up. So its either that you make it or lose everything
  • 9) Make friends with healthy belief systems: People program each other with their beliefs all the time so its better to be around tenacious people as much as you can
  • 10) Use the power of revenge: Tell people about your plans, they will laugh at you, you will get charged and you will find it much harder to give up (see also Having the last laugh)

Tenacity and self confidence

The main reason people give up is that they lose faith in their abilities and themselves. This is why building self confidence will always remain on the top of the list of advice given to people who want to develop an iron will.

I developed the Solid confidence program to help people get a level of confidence that prevents them from losing faith in themselves or giving up on their plans. Check it out now if you are serious about becoming really confident.

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