What causes intolerance

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What causes intolerance

Why do some people lose their temper very easily?
Why are some people intolerant to others?
Why can the same person become impatient and intolerant to others during a certain period of his life?

Lets suppose that a kettle had hot water at about 80 degree C, how much time will it take the kettle to make the water reach the boiling point?

Of course much less time than the time it would have took to make cold water boil.
So what does this has to do with intolerance?

In fact intolerant people are already near their boiling threshold all the time even when they are calm and that's why a tiny comment can make them boil!

Intolerance, impatience and the threshold

Each person has a certain tolerance gauge that must be filled before he reaches his bursting point. Now the reason many people are intolerant is that their gauges are already more than half full!

Didn't you notice that you become more intolerant during the times where you experience additional amounts of stress? This happens because this stress fills your gauge a little more and this makes you vulnerable to tiny changes.

The more pressure that is put on you the more intolerant and impatient you will become. If you usually lose your temper after being exposed to noise for 3 minutes then under the effect of stress you will lose your temper after 1 minute of noise!

Why are some people intolerant all the time?

Now you know why do some people become intolerant during certain times of their lives But the question is, why are some people intolerant all the time?
The more unsolved problems the person has the less free brain resources he will have and the more intolerant he will become.

If you have three major unsolved problems in your life then your gauge will be almost full even if you were not thinking about them. Even while you are not thinking about your problems your subconscious mind will be doing its best to find solutions for them.

If you are not happy with your job, you are not satisfied with your love life and in the same time have a chronic health problem then you will become much less tolerant than if you didn't have these problems.

Psychological wounds and intolerance

A psychological wound is wound that is developed at a certain stage during the person's life, usually during childhood, and that makes him much more vulnerable to criticism.

For example, People who have body dysmorphic disorder have problems accepting the way they look and that's why they find rejections and negative comments unbearable.

Because of the presence of that wound those people believe that they get rejected because of their looks and not because of anything else and that's why they have less tolerance to rejection and criticism.

How to become more tolerant?

There is only one effective way to do this.
Find out what has filled your tolerance gauge then empty the gauge by taking actions.

Solve the problems that you have been accumulating behind your back. Only then you will become more tolerant and you won't lose your temper easily.

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