7 reasons some people are so unpredictable in relationships

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Who do people change their strategies?

Did someone treat you nicely for few days then suddenly backed off?
Did someone display clear signals that he likes you then stopped showing more signs?

I get so many questions from confused readers who deal with people who display some signs of interest then few days later show total lack of interest. Because we humans dislike uncertainty such an unpredictable approach can result in a lot of headache for the one who is more emotionally involved.

In this post i will tell you about some of the reasons that force people to act that way so that you can resolve the mystery and stop thinking about them much.

7 reasons some people are so unpredictable in relationships

  • 1) They know it works: In my book Jane's Code i explained how people can easily get attached to the ones who confuse them. Some people know this fact and use it on intention to attract others to them
  • 2) They have low self confidence: If a person was unsure of himself then he might give few positive signs then pullback if he didn't get a proper response. Because a person who has low self esteem won't be sure if he is desired he might keep sending mixed signals out of hesitation
  • 3) They are players: Players usually have the goal of attaching as many people to them as they can. Players usually know that unsolved mysteries lead to more thinking and hence more attachment
  • 4) They are getting help: It's not uncommon for people to ask their best friends for help when something is going on. The problem happens when the friend introduces a different strategy all of a sudden that results in mixed signals
  • 5) It's a rebound: After a breakup many people feel low and less worthy. In such a case they might try to attract anybody to them to feel they are still desired but shortly they might discover they don't want a relationship and so they back off
  • 6) They are unsure what to do: When people are unsure what to do and when they don't have a solid plan their strategies will depend greatly on their moods and so they might send mixed signals
  • 7) The problem is in your mind: Are you sure you interpreted the signals correctly? Maybe someone was just being nice or maybe someone was just having a bad day. Make sure you don't interpret the signals you get incorrectly whether they are positive or negative (see also 10 signs that show that someone is not interested in you)

The takeaway

Each case is different and this is why you must understand the person you are dealing with before making any conclusions. The best thing you can do is to wait without thinking much because the more you think the more attached you will get and eventually it will become much harder to pull back even if you discovered that it's the right thing to do.

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