Why do people complain so much

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people complain so much

In my previous article Why do people complain all the time i said that some people complain instead of taking responsibility because they are afraid to test their self worth or admit their mistakes.

But there are other reasons that motivate people to complain and that has nothing to do with taking responsibility.

Why would a beautiful girl complain all the time about girls who try to imitate her style and looks?

Why would a rich man complain about bad eye all the time?
Why would the first in college complain about the difficulty of the studies?

This is why those people complain so much

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that each and every person living on this plants wants to become stronger, more resourceful and if possible superior to others.

People have varying ways of doing things, some people do it by making extraordinary achievements others do it by putting people down while a third group does it by complaining so much!!

But what does complaining has to do with feeling superior to others?
Complaining is an indirect way of talking about ones achievements without being caught!

If a very beautiful girl said "oh look how beautiful i am " everyone will hate her but if she complained about girls who imitate her she will be asserting her beauty in an intelligent way.

The guy who complains about bad eye all the time actually wants to remind his friends of his superb achievements that are worth a bad eye. By the way i do believe in bad eye but i am talking about extremes of behavior.

people who complain about the stupidity of others are actually trying to say that they are very intelligent!

Why do people complain about certain things and not others

But the question is, why does the beautiful girl complain about other girls imitating her and not bad eye? Simply because people know their strengths and weaknesses well and so they complain about things that assert their points of strength.

When they want to feel superior to others people will generally complain about things that are related to the life area they are successful at the most.

I know a girl who is very rich but who has a low self esteem when it comes to all other areas of her life. Guess what does this girl complain about all the time?

The "nouveau riche" or people who recently became rich! According to her own belief system she is only successful at being rich and so everyone who becomes rich is considered a threat to her self worth or her main identity as a unique rich girl.

As you can see from the previous example people also complain when they feel threatened or when they find that other people are about to compete with them in the life area they are successful at the most.

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