Why do people like having kids

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

My Kids gave a meaning to my life

"Kill me, but don't come near my children" Said the taxi driver i was talking to.
The man's words throughout the conversation were sending only one message; Do whatever you want to me as long as you don't come near my children.

In another different situation one of my friends said "Children gave meaning to my life"
For me that was a bit weird because it could be interpreted as "My life was always meaningless until i had children"

Now the important question is, why do most people like to have children?
And why do the most care about protecting their children more than they care about protecting themselves?

Why do people like having kids

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that so many people get attracted to those who look like them.

Ever thought why would a person get into a relationship with someone who looks like him? Its because people love themselves and they get attached to whatever resembles them and extends their identities. (see also Do likes attract?) Why do you think people become evangelists for the movies or the shows they like?

Simply because these shows are extensions to their identities and by making them more popular they are actually making sure that their identities would survive.

People Don't think of their children as separate beings by rather an extension to their own lives. So many people try to let their children become better than themselves by helping them avoid the mistakes they did in life.

In other words, children represent a second chance for a person to do the things that he failed to do in his own life. If a man always wanted to be rich but didn't manage to do it then there is a big possibility that he will push his child to make money.

Because the child is considered an extension to the person's life any success that the child makes raises the self esteem of the parent.

Hope and the second attempt

When a person fails to reach his important life goals he loses hope and gets depressed but when the same person is given another chance to achieve his unmet goals he gets filled with hope.

Children aren't just an extension to people's identities but they are also the light of hope for so many people who wished their lives would have went better.

In addition to all this humans dream of immortality. No one wants to die and get forgotten and as a result so many people believe that having children is the best way to make sure their names would live for long.

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