Why do some people take life so seriously

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why do some people take life so seriously

Why do some people take life too seriously?
Why are some people always racing with time?
Why are some people so serious about success?

When you meet one of those people who take life too seriously you will certainly feel that you are a procrastinator compared to them. They always have future plans, they have tight schedules and they can hardly relax without thinking about important issues that concern them.

In this article i will tell you why do some people take life so seriously.

The reason some people take life so seriously

Jake, Ben and Sam were raised in three different families that suffered from one common thing, financial insecurity.

When the three kids became grown ups they never forgot about the times they wanted to buy important things but didn't manage because their families had to keep their spending tight. (see Why do we remember certain things and forget others)

Jake was feeling bad because of his financial insecurity so he decided to avoid the problem as much he can and distract himself by doing anything else. He didn't want to take life so seriously because he was not sure that he will succeed if he took it seriously. He had a lot of self doubts and he was afraid to put his skills to test.

Ben's case was worse. He didn't just have self doubts but he didn't manage to find any path to follow that can help him ease his financial insecurity. Ben didn't take life seriously not because he didn't want to but because he was helpless and clueless.

Sam Believed that starting a private business can help him overcome this financial insecurity and he also believed in himself. That's why he took life too seriously. He turned into a Type A personality who works most of the day and who is always concerned about the future.

Why are you taking life too seriously?

When all three people met Jake and Ben always used to ask Sam the same question, why are you taking life too seriously?

That's the question i have to ask to you too. Why do you think Sam was taking life too seriously while they weren't?

  • Indifference: Ben was indifferent. Indifference is a state of loss of hope that results from believing that your current actions wont help you solve your current life problems. Ben was not taking life seriously because he didn't know what to do in order to solve his problems (see Why do i feel indifferent)
  • Lack of self esteem: Both Ben and Jake didn't take life seriously because they had self doubts and were not sure of themselves. In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how motivation can be an indication of trust in your abilities while indifference can be an indication of lack of self confidence
  • Fear: Jake was afraid to test his skills and that's why he never thought about taking life too seriously. Had he been as brave as Sam he would have took life seriously (see What is real courage)

What about you, Why aren't you taking life too seriously

There is no human being living in this planet who don't have psychological unmet needs. Happiness can never be found before you move towards fulfilling your unmet needs.

This means one thing, normal people who are motivated, who believe in themselves and who are brave take life seriously in order to satisfy these unmet needs.

While those who have fears, self doubts and low self esteem never take life seriously even though they are in deep need to do so.

The question now goes to you
why aren't you taking life so seriously?

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