Why is Muslim Wudu (washing) recommended for non Muslims

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is Wudu?

This Article has nothing to do with religions but it just explains how certain simple actions such as the Muslim Wudu can have a serious impact on our moods.

Wudu is the procedure of washing Muslims have to go through before praying. While the process has many steps its most important ones are washing the face, washing the palms, rubbing the hair with water and washing the foot.

In my previous articles i said that whatever happens to our bodies impacts our moods. It was found that washing your Face and hands several times a day can have a dramatic impact on your mood (Muslims pray 5 times a day) .

Why is Muslim Wudu (washing) recommended for non Muslims

Here is how washing affects your mood and psychological state:

  • 1) Washing reduces guilt: Studies have found that washing your hands can reduce the amount of guilt you are experiencing. In fact some of the people who suffer from excessive guilt develop compulsive hand washing disorders simply because washing their hands provides them with a temporary relief.
  • 2) Disgust and moral judgement: In my article Why do some people get easily disgusted i explained how moral judgement is strongly connected to disgust. Conservative people usually get disgusted easier than liberals. Now when you wash your hands and face you feel clean and as a result you become more vulnerable to disgust and you tend to take morals into consideration a bit more.
  • 3) A Clean start: Studies have found that people might forget about past failures (simple ones) after washing. The reason for this is that the mind believes that a new start is about to happen (see also Why does my mood change throughout the day)
  • 4) Stress reduction: It was found that washing can help you reduce stress and become calmer in the face of life events
  • 5) Reduce anger: Washing can also help in anger reduction. Try to wash your face right after you become angry and you will notice that you are feeling better

Is it better to take a bath?

While taking a bath is certainly a great idea still you will never be able to take a shower whenever you feel bad or tensed. This is why Wudu seems like a good idea.

The next time you feel stressed, angry, guilty or overwhelmed go wash your face and hands and you will get a great mood boost.

Its extremely important to know that while washing can help you feel better still its not the permanent soloution for your problems. you still have to follow a long term plan to end your problems so that you cut the root of the bad moods.

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