Why my mind keeps sending me the same unpleasant thoughts

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

When your mind just refuses to stop

Did someone criticize you badly then you couldn't get it out of your head for the next few days?
Do you remember the last time your mind kept pushing that same annoying thought into your head?
Why our minds sometimes keep reminding us of the things that we don't like to remember?

Josh got criticized badly by one of his friends in the presence of many others. He felt really bad and decided to go home early. Josh decided to sleep not to think about it but every few seconds his mind repeated the same scene inside his head.

This kept happening for hours and prevented Josh from sleeping well. The next morning the first thing Josh remembered was that same situation and he kept getting reminders about it for the rest of the day.

I am pretty sure this happened to you before and am also pretty sure you know how annoying this can be.
This is why i decided to write this post to tell you exactly why is this happening to you.

Why your mind insists on sending you those thoughts

Your brain isn't there to hurt you or make you feel bad but it's main function is helping you feel good. But in order to feel good sometimes you first have to be reminded of something that makes you feel bad.

Your brain kept reminding you of that horrible situation because it wanted to send you a clear message that handling what happened is much more important than whatever you are trying to do now.

When Josh tried to sleep his mind was trying to tell him that this is not the time to sleep and that something must be done about that situation. When your brain keeps sending you the same message over and over then know that it's anything but satisfied with the actions you took or the actions it believes you are going to take.

In the Super powers program i explained how important is the trust relationship between you and your subconscious mind. Had Josh's subconscious mind believed that the next morning he will do something serious about it then it might have not bothered him with those thoughts at night but because it knew that he was just trying to sleep to forget about the bad thing that happened it found no way but to keep bothering him with negative thoughts at night.

What to do when you get such repetitive negative thoughts

The first thing you need to do when you get such thoughts is to realize how important that matter is to your subconscious mind. In Josh's example he had to stop and think about it after realizing that his subconscious mind cared about it that much.

Josh should have jumped out of bed and managed to find a soloution to calm his mind down. A possible soloution could be calling that guy who criticized him and expressing his discontent. If that wasn't possible then he should decide to talk to him face to face. If that person was a total stranger then Josh must promise himself that he won't allow someone to talk to him that same way again and that if it ever happened he would respond back very assertively.

Josh could also start reading about assertiveness skills to learn how to respond back to harsh and impolite criticism. By doing all or some of those actions Josh's mind will calm down again and it will stop reminding him of that issue.

The takeaway is: When your mind keeps reminding of something then know that it just wants a soloution.

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