Why you need to hit the rock bottom in order to recover

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

When everything goes wrong in the same time

Life can be pretty tough. Sometimes bad things can happen and your worst nightmares come true. No one can deny those facts and the ones who do usually suffer the most when things go wrong.

I am pretty sure you also noticed how problems sometimes seem to happen together. One bad thing happens followed by the next then the next only to find yourself facing lots of devastating problems.

Now the good news i have for you is that hitting the rock bottom isn't a bad thing, in fact it can be a good thing that can pave the way for recovery.

In many of my previous articles i said that the mind can't let go of something before it ends. For example you can't forget about an important exam until you take the exam. Only then your mind can put it behind your back and you can focus on what's coming.

So what does this has to do with hitting the rock bottom?
Let's see.

Why you need to hit the rock bottom in order to recover

When problems start happening, and i am talking about really serious ones, your mind can't really tell whether more bad things will happen or not. A typical strong person will strive to fight back and if he was lucky enough more problems might not happen but in some cases more bad problems keep happening and a person totally collapses.

Now in those cases , when the mind realizes that it's the bottom, recovery starts to happen.
Simply put when your mind believes that no further hits are going to be taken it starts to signal the recovery process.

Imagine that a thug wanted to steal your wallet and as a result he started beating you. When do you think recovery from the pain will happen? Recovery will happen when that thug stops beating you.

The other good thing about the rock bottom is that you realize that from this point there is no further going down. Once you realize this as well your ability to recover will increase since you will have hope that you will rise again.

Even with breakups it works the same way. In my book How to get over anyone in few days i said that recovery happens when hope is totally lost in getting back that person you wanted. Once you give up hope your mind will automatically start the recovery process.

Rearranging your priorities

Once you hit the rock bottom your priorities will become crystal clear. After all you will be able to tell exactly the difference between the important stuff and the trivial matter. You will know which activities deserve your time and effort and which ones doesn't.

I watched a video for the famous j k Rowling , who created Harry potter, where she described how hitting the bottom was the thing that helped her focus on what matters the most which is writing. Shortly she became a very famous writer and a successful person.

I have visited that rock bottom more times than you could imagine and so i am not by any means trying to make it seem like it's an easy thing. It's really bad, it hurts a lot and it makes you feel hopeless but the good news is that it can be a new start that leads to full recovery.

Hang on, focus on what matters and you will make it :)

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