Why you should watch the walking dead

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How videos can affect our personalities

As a result of the repetitive recommendation and the continues nagging of my best friend Desouky i decided to give the walking dead series a try. After few minutes i found myself totally hooked up, i couldn't stop until i finished all four seasons and now i am eagerly waiting for season 5.

Apart from the fact that the walking dead is an extremely exciting series ,especially if you like zombies, i also discovered that there are some psychological benefits that can happen as a result of watching that series. (see also Why do some people like horror movies)

In my previous articles i said that our minds can't differentiate between a real experience and an imagined one (or a one that is seen on TV) thus watching a certain series is almost equivalent to going through what you have seen in real life. (see also Top 10 inspirational movies)

In this article i will tell you how watching the walking dead can help you develop some really good personality traits.

Why you should watch the walking dead (A psychological point of view)

  • 1) Become less of a spendthrift : As a result of living in an experience where resources are very limited , food is scarce and water is hard to find your mind gets programmed to use resources more wisely and rationally.
  • 2) Become more cooperative : Even if you prefer working alone after watching the walking dead series you will slowly become more cooperative and you will value team work even more. In other words the series can change your personal values slowly (see also (Subconscious mind prorgamming)
  • 3) Become more grateful : As a result of living with people who are going through real hard times you will start to be really grateful for the little things you have. Sleeping on a comfortable bed, having a refrigerator with clean food or even feeling safe at night are all things that you might start to appreciate after watching the walking dead for some time. (see also 3 things that will happen to you when you stop complainig)
  • 4) Become more tough: There are some really tough people in that series. I said before that watching a role model for sometime can motivate you to change and become like them. By getting exposed to tough role models you will learn how to be more tough (see How to become really tough)

Why a series will affect your personality more than a movie

In the ultimate guide to developing super powers i explained how continues repetition can program your mind with new beliefs. You can watch a great movie and get affected for sometime then after few days, if not few hours, you will come back to your old self again.

The different thing about a series is that you keep watching it over prolonged periods of time and as a result change is much more likely to happen and become permanent. Your beliefs and values can't be changed in two hours but as you keep getting exposed to videos that can change them they do change after sometime.

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