Top 10 motivational and inspirational movies

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How videos can change your mood

So many studies have shown how the movies or even the scenes you watch can dramatically change your thoughts, beliefs and mood. (see Why do we get affected by videos)

In my article one of the most inspirational videos ever i even provided a demonstration of how your mood can be changed in minutes when the right visual scenes are introduced.

Some studies have even shown that staring at a picture for few seconds can result in a mood change. Its also pretty well known that music can change the mood as well. Now because a video is a combination of both images and music it can result in dramatic mood changes.

Because the world we live in is full of negativity i decided to give you a list of the top motivational and inspirational movies (from my point of view) so that you can get a mood lift.

Top 10 motivational and inspirational movies

  • 1) Pursuit of happiness: The great thing about Pursuit of happiness is that it can help you acknowledge the fact that life can be really tough and that you can still make it if you persisted. If you are serious about success then you can't afford missing that movie
  • 2) Jobs: The movie is about the life story of the legend Steve jobs. It shows you how extraordinary determination can help you get over the worst setbacks in life ever (see also Steve jobs explains the rules of success)
  • 3) Peaceful warrior: If you are into sports then this movie can inspire you and give you a really strong push. It shows how a famous athlete who got a disabling injury managed to get over it and win the cup he always dreamed of
  • 4) Rocky: The movie is a bit old but its still one of the very inspiring ones out there. It's also famous for having one of the most inspiring speeches the world has ever seen.(see also How to never get defeated
  • 5) The Shawshank Redemption: This movie shows you how patience and very long term planning can make impossible things come true. Even if you think you are really stuck a long term plan can save you
  • 6) Slumdog Millionaire: This movie shows you how life experience even if it was tough can help you achieve your goals in life. I don't consider it a pure motivational movie but its a really nice one to watch
  • 7) Troy: If you are into war movies and if the idea of achieving greatness is taking over your mind then troy will provide you with a great deal of inspiration
  • 8) the karate kid 2010: Ever been bullied? this movie shows how the little kid who was bullied by his friends managed to become a great Kung Fu champion.
  • 9) The butterfly effect: After watching this movie you will realize how taking very small baby steps each day can totally change your future years later
  • 10) The dark night rises: If you are into batman movies then this one will provide you with a great deal of motivation. It will show you how you can overcome limiting beliefs and life difficulties.

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