Why do we get affected by movies

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How movies affect our emotions

How did you feel the last time you saw a movie?
When was the last time a movie strongly affected your emotions?
And why do some people get affected by certain movies while others don't?

When people watch a movie they happiness because he shares the same problems with him.

In other words, we identify with the actor who resembles our life the most and based on that choice we made our emotions change.

Because your subconscious mind can't really differentiate between a real and an imaginary experience it usually believes that you have gone through what the actor you identified with went through.

That's why you might get an ego boost after watching your hero saving the world simply because your mind believed that you did it!

Why do some people get more affected than others by movies

Why do some people cry during movies while others not? While emotional sensitivity has a lot to do with being affected by a movie still this doesn't explain why the same sensitive person gets affected by a certain movie and not another.

People usually get affected the most by a movie when they get reminded of what's going on in their lives. A friend of mine once told me that she felt so sorry for lambs when she knew that they were about to get slaughtered.

She told me that sometimes she couldn't sleep because of thinking about the poor lambs all night. When i talked with her a little more i discovered that those lambs unconsciously reminded her of the helplessness she felt during certain points of her life.

In other words, the movies you see can remind you of an awful experience (or an awesome one) you have been through and as a result change your emotions.

A movie can remind you of something bad you did

Sometimes a certain scene in a movie can remind you of something you feel guilty about.

That old weak lady you saw in the movie affected you emotionally because she reminded you of your mother whom you don't treat well.

In other words, you don't just identity with the movie hero but you also connect the movie characters with the ones in your real world if a match was found.

Everything i described in this post usually happens on the unconscious level, in other words, you wont be able to figure out why you were affected by a certain scene before you start consciously connecting the dots.

The next time your emotions change after seeing a movie try to find out what happened because this could provide direct clues about the things that need to get fixed in your life.

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