Why you shouldn't go shopping with a person you don't want to marry

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Love and shopping

This sounds like a weird title right? What's the problem in going shopping with anyone you know? Is it like you are going to get attached to that person if you went shopping with him often?

No. But a person who goes shopping with you will collect vital information about how your mind works and he can easily use it against you to make you fall in love with him.

Confused yet? Then continue reading.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that each person has his own love map which determines how he picks his potential partners.

I also said that once you understand how this love map works you can easily show someone that you are the kind of person who matches all the criteria in his love map and so make him fall in love with you. For detailed explanation about this process check out my latest video:

How to make someone fall in love with you

So what does love has to do with shopping?

Here is the surprising news, it was found that the mechanism of selecting a potential partner is very similar to the mechanism of choosing an item to buy while shopping.

Here are few examples that would make things clear:

  • 1) Example one: Sarah And James went shopping. Sarah liked how a pair of shoes looked like but when she tried them she didn't feel comfortable and so she didn't buy them. This means that in order for Sarah to fall in love with you she must get comfortable around you even if you aren't the best looking guy around.
  • 2) Example two: Ryan was confused between two watches but when both of his friends insisted that the grey one is better he bought it. In other words, in order to attract Ryan you need to impress his friends first because he usually believes them even if he initially had another opinion.
  • 3) Example three: Jason tried a pair of shoes that he liked but he didn't buy them. Instead he went home and came back three days later after making his mind. In such a case you can safely assume that Jason is not the kind of person who will feel comfortable if he got close to someone fast. This is why the best way to approach him is slowly and gradually (see also How to attract someone you like)

Everything the person does reveals more information about his love map

Depending on the shopping process alone to collect information about someone's love map isn't a good idea simply because each and everything a person does reveals more information about the kind of potential partner he is looking for. (See also The Secret to attracting love)

By learning how to collect information through different channels figuring out someone's love map will become an easy task and so making that person fall in love with you will become easy as well.

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