You waste time when you are afraid

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Fear and procrastination

You want to start but you are waiting for the right moment
you know you should study, exercise, start work right away but you still can't do it.
You keep wasting time, doing unrelated tasks for minutes or even hours.
How many times you found yourself procrastinating instead of doing an important task?

I talked about procrastination in many of my previous articles and i explained in detail the psychological factors that lead to procrastination but in this article i am going to discuss the connection between fear and wasting time.

Do you know that you might be procrastinating because you are afraid?
Do you know that fear could be the driving force behind the habit of wasting time?

You waste time when you are afraid

In my book The ultimate guide to break any bad habit i said that when you believe that the activity you should do will subject you to some unwanted emotions your subconscious mind might try to help you by not letting you start.

I have said earlier that the subconscious mind can sometimes try to help you by doing illogical acts. Your subconscious mind in this case thinks by motivating you to waste time it will prevent you from ever encountering that unpleasant activity you planned to do.

There are two types of fear that can lead to procrastination:

  • 1) Fear of starting: People always prefer to remain in the comfort zone. This is why there is always some kind of fear associated with change. If you aren't studying then it takes some courage to get out of your comfort zone and start studying.
  • 2) Fear of what you might encounter: What will happen when i start work? Will i get subjected to stress? Will the tasks be difficult? How much pain will i have to go through? These kinds of thoughts lead to procrastination as well

Fear is more unpleasant than whatever you are afraid of

While procrastinating your won't be feeling good at all. In fact you will be feeling worse than if you started.

A mixture of guilt and fear makes procrastination a very unpleasant act and in most cases your fears would turn out to be irrational and the task won't be that bad.

In other words staying stuck with fear is much worse than facing your fears and getting your important tasks done.

Want to end procrastination? Then go against your fears and start right away. That's the only way out.

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