Why are some people lazy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Laziness and goals

We all like to lay down and do nothing.
After all who prefers work over relaxing in bed or watching an interesting movie?

But the important question you should have asked yourself is: why are some people lazy even though they are extremely in need of taking actions?

Its quite acceptable for a person who doesn't have any financial problems to be laid back but how can a person who can't pay his bills be laid back?

Why do we find people who are depressed because they are obese yet in the same time they are too lazy to exercise?

Why would someone who have extremely important goals find himself too lazy to pursue them?

in other words,we can find an excuse for the lazy person who has no goals but how can we explain the laziness of a person who wants to achieve some important goals?

Why are some people lazy

Here are some examples that can explain this phenomenon in more details:

  • 1) Laziness and loss of hope: Sarah lost hope in losing weight two years. Because she tried every possible way to lose weight she just came to the conclusion that she will stay obese for the rest of her life. Because this fact might have sent her into severe depression her mind played a brilliant trick. Why not convince her that she is lazy instead of letting her believe that she has no hope?
  • 2) Laziness and fear: Sam Always wanted to start a business but he was so terrified of failure. The last thing he wanted to happen is to let anyone believe that he failed and as a result his subconscious mind made him lazy just to help him escape from failure without feeling guilty
  • 3) Laziness and helplessness All human beings have problems that they need to deal with but some people don't know exactly what they should do in order to solve their problems. Some people admit this fact and try to find solutions while others deny it. As you might have already guessed one popular method of denial is becoming lazy (see also Why do i feel helpless).

Laziness and courage

The previous examples covered only three cases of laziness but even if i gave you more examples the concept will be the same. When your subconscious mind realizes that you are about to admit a fact that will affect your well being it might choose to hide the fact from you using laziness or any other escapement mechanism. (see Psychology of self deception)

If you believe all of your life problems are under control then don't worry if you are lazy, But if you are unhappy with your life or unsatisfied with what you have then you must understand that your laziness is no more than an escapement method.

Getting over laziness in such a case can only be done when you develop the courage to face your problems. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that real happiness cannot be found before you meet your important unmet goals.

And since escapement only delays the achievement of your goals it can never lead to happiness. Be Brave, don't be lazy.

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