3 reasons your mind can make you physically sick

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can the mind control the body?

Can your thoughts influence your physical body?
Yes. In my previous articles about Hypnosis i explained how you can send suggestions to your body to help it heal faster or become stronger. Don't you remember the last time your heart started beating fast when you were afraid?

The thoughts that passed in your mind, fearful ones in this case, sent suggestions to your body and resulted in actual physical changes such as sweating and fast heartbeat. Do you remember the last time you felt sad or unhappy?

Do you remember the movements in your stomach? Did you notice how you lost appetite fast?
In our everyday lives there are numerous examples of the ways the mind controls the body but the kind of control i am going to talk about in this article is a bit different. I am going to talk about a kind of control where your mind goes lengths just to achieve a certain important goal.

3 ways your mind can control your body

Susan was madly in love with a guy who promised to marry her. She never thought she could live without him and just thinking for a second that he might leave her made her feel really bad. The wedding date was coming closer and Susan was getting more anxious. One morning her fiancee sent her a message telling her that everything is over and he stopped responding to her messages or calls.

Within few days Susan became so sick that she couldn't move. All doctors failed to find out what was going on and so the medication prescribed to her never had any results. One day her fiancee called her back, apologized for what he said and told her that he still wants to marry her. She instantly jumped out of bed and her sickness disappeared.

Sometimes your mind can go lengths in controlling your body to achieve a certain goal. Here is how this can happen:

  • 1) Attacking someone: Susan's illness was a direct attack on her Fiancee. By showing him that she is suffering her mind had the goal of making him feel guilty and bringing him back. Many of the disorders people develop can be unconscious attacks having specific goals
  • 2) A cry for attention: Susan's illness had another goal as well. She wanted to get the attention of her fiancee and of anyone else who can help. sometimes we get sick because we are unable to call for help directly.
  • 3) Punishing someone: James was a very smart teen but whenever he took a test he couldn't remember anything and failed. He never understood that his mind was punishing his parents for letting him go to a school that he hated.

How to prevent your mind from playing such tricks on your?

As you can see your mind can turn your life into hell if it had to go far and this is why you must learn how to stop those tricks. There are two things you can do to prevent such disorders from ever happening:

  • 1) Understand yourself perfectly: Make sure there is no miscommunication between your conscious and subconscious mind. Luckily you have this site which was built for such mission
  • 2) Be brave: When you don't face your problems or when you try to act as if they don't exist your subconscious mind will intervene to solve them using all possible methods

If you did those two things you will be safe from your mind's tricks.

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