5 face reading samples

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is face reading?

Face reading is the art of knowing a person's personality traits through his facial features. Statistical results have shown that there is a strong correlation between a person's personality and his facial features.

By learning how to recognize some of the common facial features you will be able to know a lot about a person in your first meeting. In this article i will show you some face reading samples to give you an idea on how face reading works.

5 face reading samples

In Face reading straight Eye brows reflect the person's love of logical thinking. If you were to debate with Tom cruise about something you might want to use facts as much as possible and to stay away from emotional arguments.

In the next picture you can see the famous actor Mil Gibson but can't you notice anything about his cheeks? Its obvious that he has prominent cheek bones (check bones that that can be clearly seen). In face reading the prominent cheek bones show that a person has a lot of courage (no wonder they chose him to play the role of a brave leader).

In the next picture you can see a baby's Face. Didn't you notice that all babies look very similar to each other? In face reading the wide eyes reflect over sensitivity. The nose tip that is pointed up shows that the person believes in anything easily (a typical baby) while the circular forehead shows that the person has a lot of creativity.

Even the lines present on a persons face can tell you many things about his personality. In Face reading the presence of vertical lines on the forehead show that this person is an intellect who has well developed brain connections. Got any doubts that Albert Einstein had a powerful brain?

Russell Crowe is one of my favorite actors. Can you notice something about his eyes? His eyes are said to be deep set, that is they are not bulging. In face reading the more the eyes are deep set the more the person is an observer. An observer is a person who watches the world and keeps making conclusions and analysis about what's going on.

Avoid this Fatal face reading mistake

Face reading isn't simple and you can't just judge someone by taking a look at one facial feature but instead you need to look at the whole face to determine the combined effect one or more facial features might have.

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