5 things your handwriting can tell about your personality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The connection between your handwriting and personality

In my previous articles i said that anything that is related to a person either directly or indirectly can tell a lot about his personality. Staring from the way a person walks, going through his daily habits and up to the way a he sleeps in bed so many pieces of information about his personality can be extracted.

There was always a debate between scientists about whether someone's personality can be known from his handwriting or not. And while there are so many different opinions on that topic still there are few personality traits in my opinion that can be extracted from a person's handwriting with a very high accuracy.

The best thing you can do is to test this information yourself and determine how accurate it is based on your own judgement and the data you personally collected.

5 things your handwriting can tell about your personality

  • 1) Pen pressure and flexibility: Some people exert a big amount of pressure when using a pen. This can be easily detected by examining the white papers below the ones they were writing on. People who exert strong pressure while writing are usually stubborn, inflexible and have a great amount of persistence and determination
  • 2) Line direction and optimism: When writing on a white paper that doesn't have lines some people write lines that go slightly upwards. Those people are either optimists or ones who were feeling optimistic while writing that sample. When the line direction goes down it means that the person is either pessimistic or was feeling down when the sample was taken
  • 3) Margins and fears: If a person left a big margin on the right then moved to the second line it might mean that he is afraid to move forward and that he is attached to the past. The opposite could be concluded when the writer leaves a wide left margin. Also note that i am assuming that the person is using a language similar to English that can be read from left to right.
  • 4) Big letters and being sure : I am pretty sure you noticed that you use big letters and clear words when you are writing something that you are sure about. On the other hand if you aren't sure of something (an answer to an exam question for example) then your mind might force you to write in small letters
  • 5) Word spacing and the need to connect: The person who keeps words close to each other has the unconscious desire to connect with people and to stay around them. On the other hand the one who leaves large spaces between words is usually an independent person who can survive alone. He might also be a normal person who just needs some space at that point of his life

How to find someone's personality

In the Super powers course i said that One of the biggest pitfalls people make when trying to understand the personality of others is using one method or even one quiz to obtain their results and that's totally wrong. Because each person is a special case and because human personality is much more complex than a quiz could cover you should depend on many different sources of information before you can make conclusions about someone.

By analyzing a person's behavior, habits, language, beliefs, gestures, handwriting, facial features and anything else that you come across you will be able to find much more accurate information about his personality.

In other words, combine sciences together and try to find a match between the different things related to a person. Once you connect the dots and find more than one clue pointing to the same direction you will be able to confirm the existence of a personality trait.

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