7 reasons some people hate reading

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

1- Afraid to be punished

This might sound weird but things will become clear when you know that reading reminds many people of the unpleasant time they spent studying for school exams. Our brains can associate a certain activity with a certain emotion. Because of their unhappy past many people have associated reading with unpleasant emotions.

2- The mind wanders in the wrong direction

We humans are masters of self deception. We like to keep ourselves busy not to remember our problems or face them. When some people read they lose focus and their minds starts to wander randomly. As a result some people get reminded of what they were already trying to escape from.

3- Impatience

Most people are impatient, that's a fact. Modern technology has also helped greatly in reducing people's attention spans and in making them even more impatient. Long ago people weren't bombarded with content like they are today and because of that many grew impatient and lost their ability to stay focused.

4- They want it now

This point is the extension to point number 3. Before the internet age people had to go to libraries to look for information but as information became readily available so many people developed the "I want it now" attitude. Because most books can't deliver information fast so many people started hating books.

5- Because cool people don't read

The human mind also makes associations between activities and personal identities. During high school so many people mistakenly develop the belief that the ones who read are geeks and that the cool ones don't. Even after people grow up those beliefs remain there and prevent them from ever reading a book.

6- Because they don't know what reading can do

Reading is the act of unlocking information. Whether you are looking for a way to get over someone or a method to start a successful money making business you will need to read. People who don't see reading as a method than can give them guidance to do whatever they want in life are very likely not to read.

7- They are afraid to find the answers

This might seem weird but in fact it's a very popular reason that prevents so many people from reading. So many people have developed a hesitant approach towards life. Because they are not brave enough they fear to take any forward step and as a result they avoid anything that can give them clear directions such as reading. (see also Are you afraid to get motivated?)

Why you should read?

You don't have to read a book that you dislike but you just have to read about the things that concern you. Are you interested in relationships? Then read relationships books. Do you want to make money? Then read business books. Want to be strong? Then read books about power. Whatever the topic that concerns you there will always be a good book that covers it.

Don't think of reading as a habit that is independent from life but consider it a method to unlock many of the looked doors you find in your life. Each time i read a book i become more powerful, more capable and less helpless.

Do yourself a favor and read.

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