How to make time go faster

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Sometimes an hour feels like 5 minutes!

It’s really amazing how sometimes the same hour could fly so quickly when you want it to slow down, and how at other times it stays stagnant when you feel like an hour must have already passed!

Studies found that our perception of time can change thus allowing us to believe it had a different length. So can you actually take control of this perception and make time fly when you want it to?

Definitely, This article will tell you how to change your perception of time in order to have more control on its perceived duration.

Taking a closer look at clock time and ‘real’ time

A study has found that some people who go through accidents believe that the accidents took longer to happen or that everything was happening in a slow motion.

When bystanders were asked to tell what they saw they said that the accidents happened in few seconds and no one mentioned anything about slow motion.

In other words, 2 people going through the same event could believe it took different lengths depending on their emotions. (see also How emotions change your perception of the world)

The same waiting time at the dentist could feel like forever if you are waiting alone or could feel like you didn’t wait so long when you are talking about an interesting topic with your best friend.

Time is mental

How you feel towards time you are in control of. If you are planning to run on the treadmill for 30 minutes, watching the time second by second will make it very slow. Talking to someone on the other hand, watching your favorite show on TV, or listening to something interesting will make the time fly.

Now the important question here is, why does this happen?
Your mind only has the ability to focus on one thing at a time. You can shift your attention towards several things, but then this is not focus.

A good example to illustrate this is, think of a time when you were driving and listening to music then suddenly found yourself in the middle of nowhere in the dark with no visible signs yet to show you where you are. What’s the first thing you’re going to do?

Turn off the radio.
Why? Because the mind cannot focus on two things at the same time.
OK, so what does this have to do with perceived time versus clock time?

When you put your focus on watching the time, you experience negative emotions of having to wait for each new second to come when you want time to pass.

On the other hand when you are enjoying doing something or spending time with friends, your focus is mostly on what you are enjoying. When you suddenly let go of your focus to look at the time, you are surprised with just how much time has passed.

So how do I make time fly?

Now that you’ve learned more about focus, you can use it for your own benefit when you want time to fly.

Knowing that when you use focus, you lose attention of everything else except when you break this focus, you can find things to do to put your focus on.

If you are waiting for your turn in a line, it will do you no good to continue counting the number of people ahead of you. Clock time will go with the same rate is has always taken.

Instead find something interesting to do (Read something interesting for example). If you don’t have anything physical to keep your mind busy with, it is the perfect timing to think of things you wanted to solve or analyze.

Whatever happens though, never use the power of your focus on watching the time you wish would pass and rather put your focus on something else.

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