I feel nostalgic all the time

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Feeling nostalgic all the time

Nostalgia is a bittersweet longing for the past where a person keeps remembering old times, mostly happy ones, and as a result feels better.

Its completely OK to have good memories and to recall them whenever something reminds you of them but what's not OK is recalling these memories all the time in such a way that affects your present life.

While nostalgia isn't a bad thing still it can result in many problems if you didn't understand it correctly. Do you know why you sometimes feel nostalgic?

Nostalgia mostly occurs when you find out that your present life is no longer pleasant. When your mind discovers that your present is not as happy as your past used to be it might make you feel nostalgic in order to help you feel better.

In other words nostalgia can be described as a defense mechanism your mind uses to elevate your mood when it finds that you are not feeling that good. The more you become satisfied with your life the less nostalgia you will experience.

Nostalgia and the subconscious mind

Nostalgia can be much more than a mood elevating technique used by your mind. In many cases nostalgia is no more than a cry for help!

When your subconscious mind finds your life changing in a bad way it sends you some good memories from the past in order to let you compare your past to your present.

In other words, your subconscious mind is trying to motivate you by showing you the two pictures side by side. We humans get motivated by rewards and also by pain avoidance.

When we find out that our current present is not that good compared to the happy past we used to live we might get motivated to fix things and to bring the happy moments back. (see also The power of negative motivation)

People get nostalgia incorrectly

Instead of doing their best to change their present or to fight back to bring the happy days back many people keep visualizing their past and day dreaming about it leaving their subconscious minds totally confused. (see also Why do we fantasize and day dream)

In this case the subconscious mind was trying to help those people fight for a better future but they responded with more escapement to the past.

The reason you were sent such emotions is to do something about the present especially if you feel nostalgic all the time.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that if you didn't understand the messages sent to you by your mind or if you ignored them then the messages will come back stronger in the form of a more severe emotional pain.

Unless you respond by taking actions You will feel more nostalgic, you will become more attached to the past and you will become more of a dreamer than a realistic person. (see also How your past affects your present)

Fix your present to get over your attachment to the past

Find out what went wrong in your life then try to fix it. It wont take a day or two and it won't be an easy task but if you are serious about becoming happy once again then you must take this path.

People who escape from their problems, even if the escapement method was excessive nostalgia, will always end up feeling depressed.

The only way to end nostalgia is to become satisfied with your life and this won't happen before you start fighting back for a better future.

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