How to get over your ex fast

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to get over your ex fast

People always send me mails asking me how to get over their Ex fast. In one of my previous articles i said that the key to getting over your ex fast is to change your belief system instead of depending on time to heal you.

The main reason people suffer from break ups for long periods of time is that they have false beliefs about relationships. The second reason that prevents people from getting over their ex fast is that they use negative media such as songs, quotes and movies to support their false beliefs and to strengthen them.

Had those people manged to remove their false beliefs and implement the right ones they wont have any problems getting over their ex. In most self help sites they usually tell you what you must do without telling you how to do it but luckily you arrived here. In this article i will tell you how to change your beliefs about relationships so that you can get over your ex fast.

The key to getting over your ex fast is your belief system

If you believe that there is only one potential partner out there for you and that person broke your heart then certainly you will find it really hard to get over him. But what if you believed that there are many potential partners out there? won't it be much easier to get over your ex fast? certainly it will be easy.

I am completely against the school that lets people depend on lies to help them get over their ex fast but instead i use concrete facts to help people recover from breakups. According to the psychology of love each one of us can fall in love with so many people and the reason you think there is only one match for you is that you were fooled!!

The incorrect beliefs you fed yourself with through the use of negative media has forced you to believe that you could never get over your Ex fast because he is the one while in fact you can fall in love with anyone who matches a list called the subconscious criteria which is present in your subconscious mind.

Getting over your ex fast and self deception

Its quite normal that you don't believe what i just said. After all you can't ask yourself to change your childhood beliefs just because i told you about a new belief even if it was right.

The right thing to do to get over your ex fast is to not force yourself to change your beliefs but to educate yourself about the psychology of love so that you can find the truth yourself.

Once you discover that these new beliefs are facts your old limiting beliefs will be removed and your new beliefs, which are based on facts, will replace them.

Getting over your ex is a matter of understanding that he was just one of the potential partners you can meet out there and that if he broke your heart you can still replace him with any of the potential partners available.

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