Preventing Depression. How to prevent depression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The Importance of Depression Prevention

If you have experienced depression before then most probably you don’t need this introduction and you can skip directly to the next section.

If you haven’t experienced depression before then you should know that being depressed is one thing that can turn your whole life upside down. When you become depressed you won't be able to enjoy the activities you used to enjoy, you will feel sad and down for prolonged periods of time, you will find that you are unable to work, you will lose your enthusiasm and energy.

Some Extreme cases of depression can even lead to suicide attempts!!

It would be very wise to read this article to learn how to prevent depression from happening instead of trying to deal with it after you get it. Although preventing depression is not 100% guaranteed still by reading this article you will have a much better chance of avoiding it.

Unsolved Problems and Depression Prevention

In many cases depression is caused by a combination of both tough external events and the tendency to become depressed. A tough external event is usually a problem that doesn't seem to have a solution like losing your job or the loss of someone you love.

Many people do the mistake of trying to escape from their problems instead of solving them; they do whatever they can to avoid tackling the problems or to avoid solving them.

As a result some of them escape to drugs and other types of addiction while Another group get involved in relationships just to forget about their problems. By doing these things those people think that they are solving their problems while in fact they are just making them bigger.

Not only such actions result in delaying the problems but they also allow the accumulation of more problems together. The first step you should take to prevent depression is to never allow your problems to accumulate that way.

Never try to escape from your problems but instead try to solve them before they pile up and lead to depression. If you can't solve your problems alone then seek someone’s help, ask others to support you or pray to god to help you. In short, do whatever it takes to solve your problems instead of escaping from them because certainly that will lead to depression.

Suppressed Emotions and Preventing Depression

Do you think that suppressed emotions disappear when you ignore them? Actually the stomach ache that you are currently experiencing now or your back pain may be the result of no more than a suppressed emotion you are ignoring.

Suppressed emotions are like energy, they can never be destroyed but they just change from one form to another and as you may have already guessed one of these forms is depression.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how channeling suppressed emotions in a correct way can result in treating depression but If you want to prevent depression then make sure that you express your emotions instead of suppressing them. If you don’t know how to correctly channel a suppressed emotion then read this guide.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression Prevention

Prolonged stress or anxiety could turn into depression. If you are a person who works under constant stressful conditions or if you are always anxious and worried about the future then know that your mental health may be in danger.

Learning how to manage your stress and how to get rid of your anxiety is an essential step if you want to prevent depression.

Attachment and Depression Prevention

Some people become so attached to their partners in a relationship in such a way that they totally collapse when they break up with them.

Of course this not how a healthy relationship should be and if you feel that you are overly attached to your partner then read more about relationship addiction to transform your relation from an unhealthy one that can one day depress you to a healthy one that can help you grow.

How to prevent depression

Some problems cannot be solved except by accepting them, for example the loss of someone close or a permanent disability.

Learning how to accept the different life problems that happens to you will certainly help you prevent depression. Some people learn to accept problems by training, others do it through religion. Whichever method you prefer you should definitely learn how to accept problems in order to prevent depression from visiting you.

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Did that help?

Yes, but tell me more about suppressed emotions.

Yes, but I am already depressed. Is there something I can do about it?

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