The kinesthetic personality type

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Personality type classification according to NLP

NlP Divides people's learning styles into three major categories which are auditory, visual and kinesthetic. The auditory is the person who learns best by hearing, the visual is the one who learns best by seeing while the kinesthetic is the one who learns best by feeling.

The good news i have for you is that this classification doesn't only explain a person's learning style but it can also tell you a lot about his personality.

Here is a simple example: The visual person cares a lot about looks and in most cases one of the important factors he depends on when making a choice is how things look like.

The kinesthetic is an emotional person who has to feel things before he can learn them. That's the kind of person who falls in love with people after he feels they are good.

The kinesthetic person might be emotionally sensitive and can get easily hurt. His emotions can always be seen on his face. Its very common to notice a sudden change on the facial features of a kinesthetic person as soon as he feels bad.

How to know if someone is kinesthetic

So how can you know if someone is kinesthetic?
Here are some factors that can help:

  • kinesthetic people speak slowly
  • They pause a lot while talking as they have to feel what they are saying
  • They use words such as "I feel" or "i don't feel" a lot
  • Respond to touching more than others. Doesn't feel loved if not touched
  • Much more Patient that the other two types
  • Doesn't take quick decisions

The best way to spot a kinesthetic person is to listen to him speaking. If you noticed that he is taking his time to say each word as if he is trying to feel it first then make sure he is a kinesthetic person.

How to deal with a kinesthetic person

You must be cautious with a kinesthetic for he might be much more sensitive than normal people. Be kind to that person and touch him whenever possible. For example when asking a for a favor you can put your hands on a kinesthetic person's shoulder and he will be more likely to help.

Don't try to rush that person into taking decisions for he has to take his time to feel whatever he is about to do. The same goes when you try to attract the kinesthetic person to you.

You must never be pushy for if he didn't feel you first he will never fall for you. kinesthetic people learn best by doing for they are more connected to their physical bodies than others. They easily remember the thing they done before compared to the visual who easily remembers what appealed to his visual system.

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