Timeline Therapy And Negative Emotions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Got Some Negative Emotions?

Suppose that your mobile phone was stolen and that you weren’t able to identify the person who took it. suppose also that your car was stolen but you weren’t able to get it back nor to know the person who took it.

What do you think will be your response if few weeks later you caught someone trying to steal your wallet? Let me answer this question for you, killing him would be the least thing you are going to do. But why? It’s just a wallet right?

No, you aren’t going to kill the man for the wallet alone but you are going to kill him for all the stolen objects that you have lost before. In simple words your negative emotions accumulate whenever you face a similar situation and when you decide to get these negative emotions out you usually give out the whole accumulated load and not just the recently accumulated part.

That’s why someone could become mad when you accidentally step on his foot or when you accidentally bump into him while walking and This leads us to a very important question; do you have some accumulated negative emotions?

Your Past and Negative Emotions

Do you remember the last time someone violated your rights and you did nothing? Do you remember the last time someone treated you badly? Do you remember the last time you felt afraid, lonely, stressed or anxious?

These accumulated negative emotions results in swinging your mood, in making you feel bad or even in depressing you (see suppressed emotions for more information on this)

Here comes the role of time line therapy, Time line therapy is a method of therapy that can help you in removing these stored negative emotions and so emptying your tanks!!

Using Time Line Therapy to Get Rid of Negative Emotions

Here is how to use time line therapy to get rid of your negative emotions:

Step One
Close your eyes and imagine that your whole life is represented by a line, where a part of it is the future, a part of it is the past and the point you are standing at is your present.

Step Two
While standing in the present start to fly high above your timeline until you can see the present point below you. At this point travel back to the point where you experienced that negative situation and land just before it, lets say few seconds before it happened.

Step three
Think of the skill that if you had at that time the bad situation wouldn’t have happened ( a personality trait, a soft skill…etc). now experience that situation with your new skill and let it run smoothly without any problems (even if they really happened before)

Step Four
Fly above the point you were at and ask your subconscious mind to repeat doing the same thing to all similar situations. Then head back to the present.

Step Five
Land at the present and open your eyes. Congratulations, you have just got rid of some negative emotions.

Is Time Line Therapy Effective?

Time line therapy can be very effective if you mastered the technique and if you did it correctly. if you succeed in doing it the right way you will experience a big relief just after returning to the present.

time line therapy is also one of the most powerful methods you can use in goal setting for more information about that see timeline therapy and goal setting

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