What to do when life gets really tough

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Life can get really tough

No matter who you are, where you come from or how skilled you are life can still knock you down. Ambitious people, the ones who have big goals and the brave ones who face their fears are the ones who are most likely to get knocked down.

The fact that each person sees the world from his own unique angle makes it possible for life to knock any person down. After all no matter who you are there would still be some things that matter to you a lot.

Life can sometimes get really tough and we all know that. Your goals can seem distant, your problems can seem much bigger and the way out can seem very far.

So how can someone handle such a situation?
And what are the proper actions to do in such a case?

What to do when life gets really tough

While the following list of tasks won't be easy still it's guaranteed to help you out and let you rise again after falling if you applied it.

  • 1) Learn to tolerate bad feelings: So many people mistakenly think that successful ones have exceptional abilities to handle their emotions. Those people believe that successful ones don't feel down, bad, sad or depressed and that's totally wrong. Successful people learned to tolerate bad emotions, to be friends with them and to keep fighting and moving forward while experiencing them. As a result those people reach their goals and the bad emotions disappear. Don't get stuck in the chicken or egg problem by waiting for your mood to improve. You need to work your way through your problems while feeling bad for your mood to improve. See What causes procrastination.
  • 2) Keep your goals in front of you: Your big goals , the ones that got you started, should always remain in front of you. When things gets really bad and when life gets tough so many people forget why they started or just give up on their goals. You might think that by giving up you are allowing yourself to rest but if you did so your pain will remain forever. You could feel down for few month or even a year while pursing your goals but when you reach them your pain will disappear. If you quit however the pain will last forever. See How to focus on your goals
  • 3) Don't listen to anybody: When life gets really tough you might easily lose faith in yourself and as a result believing anything that others say can become more possible. During such times so many people will try to convince you that you took the wrong path, that you are doing it wrong or that you should give up. Don't listen to anybody because if you did you will later realize that you were pursuing the things that really mattered to you and you will have to start the process all over again. See should i listen to people
  • 4) Take baby steps: One of the best things you can do during such times is to take small baby steps each and every day. While those steps won't make you feel happy right away still they will have a dramatic impact on your mood on the medium and long term. As your brain slowly realizes that things are changing your mood will improve greatly. Just take one baby step at a time. See is it possible to recover instantly from bad moods
  • 5) Remain consistent: if you did everything right but didn't maintain your consistency then one of two things will happen. You will either never reach your goals or the journey will take so long that it will become intolerable. Maintain your consistency at all costs. Yes it's OK to feel down one day and do nothing but if you are following your plan most of the time then you will be getting out of this.

Final Words

We all get hit but the ones who struggle and rise again get all the glory.
And remember, the harder the struggle the more glorious the victory.


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