What to do when someone disappears in a relationship

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people disappear in relationships

In my previous article Why do people disappear in relationships i explained the reasons that could motivate a person to suddenly disappear and stop contacting their relationship partner.

All of the reasons i mentioned could be summarized into two major ones which are 1- lack of interest and 2- not enough interest. In very rare cases a person who truly cares can disappear but this would only happen for few days.

But when someone disappears for weeks then this means that there is a great possibility that this person is no longer interested. Now before i tell you what to do i have to tell you how the disappearing of your partner can affect your ability to recover.

Why improper closure can lead to more pain

In my previous article Why closing a relationship the right way is very important for recovery i explained how hope is the number 1 enemy of recovery.

If a person disappeared without breaking up with you then you might live on false hope for months if not years. The fact that you still believe that this person might come back one day will make you hopeful and so will torture you.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days i explained how recovery can never happen until hope is killed completely.

The weakness you feel when your partner disappears can force you to do nothing but wait. And unfortunately in most cases waiting does nothing but bring you more pain.

What to do when someone suddenly disappears

Would you like to spend the rest of your life with someone who doesn't care about you that much or someone who will cheat on you and dump you whenever he has the chance?

In fact those are the traits of the people who aren't that interested in you. And guess what, the one who disappears for weeks is a person who is not that interested in you as well. He is a person who is keeping you on his shelf to use you whenever he feels like it and to put you back there whenever he gets bored.

To make it short, you need to be brave and to breakup with that person immediately. See how to breakup without pain.

Of course you should wait for few days before you take such a decision but your waiting time should never reach weeks. After two weeks of disappearing send a message to your partner telling them to either provide a prompt explanation of what's going on or to consider the relationship done with.

You might think that it's hard to do so but do you know what is really hard?
It's waiting for weeks hoping that a person will come back without him returning or sending a message.
It's being loyal to someone who is probably cheating on you.
and it's wasting your time for someone who doesn't really care about you that much.
Be strong. Breakup.

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