Why do i feel tired after watching a movie

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do we sometimes feel tired?

So you laid down in your bed. Put your laptop on your lap.
You started watching a movie feeling comfortable and relaxed.
Then right after you watched the movie you found yourself feeling dizzy, tired and exhausted.

What just happened?
First of all, it's not the computer screen.
Had the computer screen been that exhausting you would have felt the same right after checking Facebook or spending sometime on twitter.

In short, there are some psychological factors that resulted in this mental state. In my previous article Feeling tired all the time i explained how psychological factors can make a person feel tired even if he didn't do any effort.

Also in my other article This is why you never get motivated i explained how the energy allocated by the brain can determine the levels of motivation.

In other words, feeling tired can in many cases be caused by the brain and not by doing physical effort.

Why do i feel tired after watching a movie

So back to the movies.
Do you know what happens when your subconscious mind watches a movie a video?
Here is exactly what happens:

  • 1) you live the experience: You walk in the shoes of heroes and live the experiences they experience
  • 2) You identify with Heroes: You psychologically identify with Heroes and even experience their emotions.
  • 3) A part of you believes that this is real: Your subconscious mind believes that what you saw was real even if the conscious mind thought the opposite

Do you know what does this mean?
When Spider man jumps from a building to another you actually believe you did the same.
When the Hero's family dies you experience horrible pain that seems very realistic.
Your body pumps more blood when the Hero fights the villain and your muscles become tense.

In other words you don't just see the movie but you live it and this is why sometimes you might feel very tired right after watching certain movies.

Why do some movies give us energy?

Have you noticed that after watching certain movies you become more energetic?
Did you notice that you sometimes move very fast right after watching a movie?
Right after i watched Wolverine origins i personally lifted more weight in the gym the next day.

The reason some movies give us energy is that they have more scenes that give mental motivation than scenes that make us feel tired. In other words the emotions you experience right after a movie is the resultant of all of the scenes you have seen.

If the scenes that made you motivated were more powerful than the scenes that made you feel tired then you will feel more energetic right after watching the movie. And of course, the opposite is true.

In the end, it all depends upon the way your brain perceives the movie. This is why the same exact movie can motivate someone and steal the energy of another.

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