How to stop yourself from being tired

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do i get tired?

Why do you get tired on certain days but not others?
Why sometimes you do the same amount of work on two different days but only get tired on one of them?
Do you think getting tired is all about the amount of work you do?

Contrary to common beliefs the amount of work we do isn't the major factor that leads to tiredness. Do you know that some video games actually require doing much more mental effort than the effort you do at your work?

Why don't you get tired then? Because its not about the effort you do but its about the emotions you experience while doing the effort. When you play video games you have full control over your environment and thus you don't feel stressed. Even if everything went wrong you still have the option of quitting the game and moving on with your life. (see also Why some people like horror movies)

But when it comes to real life certain emotions can lead to feelings of tiredness if they weren't correctly controlled.

How emotions affect your physical state

How did you feel like the last time you worked hard to submit something before a deadline? Didn't you feel stressed? Its this amount of stress you got subjected to that made you feel tired after completing that task even if it didn't take time.

So the conclusion is, working for few minutes under stress is equivalent to working for many hours without stress. Stress wears out the hormones responsible for making you feel good and energetic and as a result 30 minutes of stress in the beginning of a day can make you feel tired the whole day. (see also Happiness hormones)

This is also why some people feel extremely tired after giving a speech or going for an interview even if those actions took few minutes.

Its not about stress only because each negative emotion that you experience while doing a task will make you get tired much faster. Worrying, anxiety and fear can also contribute to your tiredness and make you feel that you have been working for hours.

How to stop yourself from being tired

Here are some quick but very effective tips that can help you get tired less often:

  • 1)Wake up early: When you wake up early you find out that you have a lot of time to finish your tasks and as a result you don't get pressured by deadlines (see also Tips to wake up early)
  • 2)sleep very well: I am sure you remember how you felt when you woke up the last time you didn't sleep well. When you don't sleep well you wake up feeling tired, now add to it some work stress and your day is ruined (see also Why can't i sleep at night)
  • 3)Remove stressful factors: Are you working in a noisy place? Is your chair uncomfortable? Do people interrupt you often? Is the weather really hot? Each of these tiny factors act as stress multipliers. Don't get surprised when you know that the presence of two of these factors can make you feel tired throughout the day (see also How to make your room stress free)
  • 4)Know when to take a break: short breaks (5 minutes for example) recharge your energy and prevent you from feeling tired for longer periods of time
  • 5)Don't distract your attention: While you are in the middle of a task don't distract yourself by email, social networking website or a phone. It was found that you get much stressed when you keep shifting your attention between different tasks repeatedly (see also How to avoid distractions in life)
  • 6) start by small and easy tasks: If you have many tasks to do then starting by the small ones will 1) prevent you from finding out that time has ran out without finishing anything and 2) will also give you a self esteem boost that will help you work on the bigger tasks
  • 7) Breath properly: Studies found that taking deep breathes while experiencing bad emotions can actually lower the intensity of these emotions. If you did so your bad emotions will make you less tired

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