Why do people always say negative things about rich ones

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

False beliefs about money

Why do people always say negative stuff about rich ones?
Why do some people think that all rich people are thieves?
Why do some people think that money is evil?

Before i answer this question you should understand a very important fact. If you have false beliefs about money then you will never become rich. After all a person's beliefs determine his potential. If you believe that rich people are thieves and if you think that stealing is bad then you will never try to become rich and your mind will never motivate you to make money.

The negative beliefs you have about money can sometimes be too subtle to be noticed but the way you think of rich people can help you find out those beliefs easily.

1)Self Protection

Many people hate to go through the difficult road. They know that making money isn't easy and that's why they prefer to stay away from that tough path. But if those people just walked away their minds will torture them for their lack of courage.

This is why those people do the brilliant maneuver of building a false belief about rich people such as "all rich people are dishonest" in order to protect themselves from that path without feeling guilty.

The truth is that those people weren't brave enough to try to make money and so they decided to live a lie in order to maintain their psychological stability.

2)Doubts and low self esteem

Many people doubt their ability to succeed. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that when people have doubts about their abilities they sometimes build imaginary barriers that can prevent them from ever testing them.

It's better for a person who has self doubts to claim that all rich people are thieves than to face the fact that he is unsure of himself when it comes to making money.

3)Maintaining psychological stability

Some people are a bit braver. They try once or twice and when things don't work they get really confused. They get conflicting thoughts, they doubt their own beliefs and live a nightmare.

In order for those people to be able to live with such failure they have to come up with some beliefs that can help them understand the world. As a result those people start building incorrect assumptions about rich people then believe in them in order to maintain their psychological stability. (see also Self deception)

Life has both good and bad people

Not all rich people are Evil and not all of them are angles. Some rich people are really bad while some others are really good. Once you fall into the trap of over-generalization you will start to see the world incorrectly.

And when you see the world incorrectly you won't just be living an illusion but you will be limiting your success potential. The above 3 reasons might not be the only ones but am sure they did the job of explaining to you why such false beliefs are formed.

If you have developed false beliefs about rich people then it's time to examine them and to understand why did your mind approve such beliefs. Once you find the answers you won't be the same person again.

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