How I became a millionaire by working for 2 hours a day

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I want to get once

Just like so many people at my age i dreamed about being a self made millionaire when i was in my early 20s however there was something little different about my dream.

I didn't want to make money while working all day long without having enough time to spend it. I didn't want to get rich at the cost of being miserable or unhappy. I wanted to be able to do sports, see friends, travel, have fun , keep all my good habits and also become rich.

It was obvious to me that to do so i need to find a career that allows me to work for 2-4 hours a day maximum in order for my plan to work. I was really greedy i know but i also wanted to work from home!

As crazy as this sounds to you now it sounded the same to all my friends, peers, relatives and almost everyone i knew. In fact the desire to become a self made millionaire in a country such as Egypt where there are more obstacles than you can imagine was considered unrealistic to many people and that's why they exploded in laughter when they heard me saying that i only want to work for few hours a day and also become a millionaire.

How your beliefs define your reality

Right after i graduated i got a job offer for a high salary but the problem was that the job demanded working all day and so i rejected the offer. Everyone told me that i am crazy and i personally wasn't really sure if i was doing the right thing but in few weeks i got another job offer that gave me 4 days off a week. At this point i realized that we get in life depends greatly on our beliefs.

During that time some of my friends went to work at oil companies were they earned good salaries but had to spend most of their time on an oil rig in a remote area or even in the desert.

My other friends had to work all day for low salaries and accepted their fate. They strongly believed that this was the best thing they could do and this is why they kept their jobs even though they were suffering every morning.

I started to discover that when someone develops negative beliefs he accepts a reality that confirms those beliefs even if it was miserable. I also realized that when someone sets a big goal even if it seemed impossible he usually finds a way to make it come true.

How I became a millionaire by working for 2 hours a day

I rejected many business opportunities because they required working all day and i started to focus on directions that can make me rich while working for few hours per day. I started by the stock market and kept failing for 2 years before i realized its too stressful for me so i moved on to the internet business field.

And because i believed it's possible to be rich while working for few hours a day i started stumbling on real people who were actually doing so through their online businesses. My friends at that time never believed that this was possible and that's why they never attempted to look for successful examples who did so.

In my previous article why you miss so many opportunities in life i explained how you can miss oppurtunities that are right in front of your eyes just because your mind is focused somewhere else.

I mimicked the footsteps of those successful examples and within few 3 years and i became a millionaire through a business that takes 2 hours a day to be managed and that can also be managed from home. I documented the details of my journey along with the obstacles i faced and how i overcame them in my latest book From 0 to 1 million dollars

Moral of the story?

  • 1) You will reach as far as your beliefs: If you believe rich people work 16 hours a day then you will never be rich until you do so simply because you will never see the other opportunities in the world (see also Why you should never believe your eyes)
  • 2) You should never listen to people: Most people have false beliefs about life that they consider to be solid facts. When you listen to people they will only try to impose their false beliefs on your world and if you were unlucky they will infect you with them and you will be as miserable as they are
  • 3) You can have everything : When i was young they told me you can't have everything. Later on i discovered that we humans create lies then believe them just to feel good about our wrecked lives. Don't accept the beliefs people try to feed you with not to limit your potential in this world

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