Why do some Women prefer to have male friends

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Humans can't survive alone

Humans are social beings by nature. If a human lived in isolation for sometime he will die. Our brains were wired in such a way to make social connections crucial for our survival and as a result loneliness became one of the worst emotions a person can feel.

Generally women are even more social than men. After something bad happens a woman quickly rushes to talk to all of her female friends to get support where as a male can isolate himself and grief alone.

But this is not the case with all women. Some women find it hard to be friends with other women to the extent that those women end up having male friends instead of female ones.

But why do those women do so?
And is that a healthy thing?

Why do some Women prefer to have male friends

  • 1) Believing that females are inferior: Some women have developed the belief that females are inferior to males. As a result of their desire to distinguish themselves from those females and to tell everybody that they are different they feel like making male friends. In such a case those women do that to reach the goal of appearing different than the females they consider inferior.
  • 2) Male like mentality: Women who think more like males , for example the ones who are very direct and goal oriented, can find it hard to be friends with other females. In such a case this woman feels like she can't properly communicate with other females and so she seeks male friends.
  • 3) Higher levels of testosterone : All women have a certain amount of testosterone which is less much less than the amount males have. Some women have much higher testosterone than their female friends and as a result they might develop some masculine traits such as aggression and anger. Some of those women, and not all, can have trouble making female friends
  • 4) They are tomboys: In my article about Tomboy psychology i explained how some women develop an intense psychological desire , as a result of their past experience, to act like males. Those women might want to be around males instead of females
  • 5) Bad past experience: If a woman had a bad past experience with female friends she might avoid making friendships with them in the future especially if this experience affected her greatly See how your past affects your present.

Is that a healthy thing?

In my previous article can males and females be friends i explained how the fact that males always think about sex and that women usually think about relationships can result in ruining the connection between them.

If a woman is always around men then there is a big possibility that something can go wrong along the way. The friendship of males and females can hardly be as good as a female to female relationship from a woman's point of view.

Yes in some rare cases the friendship can work fine but in many cases it can backfire due to the differences in the way both males and females think.

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