Why do some places trigger certain emotions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do certain places change our emotions?

Ever experienced a mood change as soon as you visited a certain place?
Did you ever find a certain place depressing?
Do you remember the last time you felt better when you visited a certain place?
Ever got into a building or a room then experienced a sudden mood swing?
Do places change our emotions?

I am pretty sure that it happened to you before that your mood changed right after entering a new place. There are lots of theories out there that explain this phenomenon by pointing out that each place has its own energy. While i don't disagree with those theories i just believe i have a better explanation for the mood changes we experience when we visit a certain place.

Years back i was working at a place that i hated a lot. Each time i passed by the building where i used to work i got horrible emotions. After some time i managed to become self employed and i left my job (see my book how i did it).

Since i left my job that place never triggered my bad emotions any more. In other words, it was the horrible memories in my mind that made me feel bad and not the place itself.

Why do some places trigger certain emotions

As soon as you enter a place your mind quickly recalls all information related to that place including all the memories that you experienced at it. Now if those memories were more unpleasant than pleasant then this place is likely to make you feel bad and in such a case the problem is with your mind and not with the place.

Now i know exactly what's in your mind.
What about places that you visit for the first time? How do they trigger certain emotions even though you have no memories there?

Here is the trick. Your mind doesn't use the whole place to recall memories but it uses individual elements in the place. For example you can still feel bad when entering a room for the first time if it had an item that reminded you of a bad memory.

Now in real life things are much more complex because each place will have tens of elements that trigger different memories. In such a case the resultant of summing up all the energy of those elements will result in a mood change. If that place had more positive elements then negative ones then it will make you feel good and the opposite is true.

In addition to all of this some places trigger pleasant emotions on their own like natural scenes, calm beaches and green areas.

Another example

When i started my own business i faced tremendous amount of problems. After sometime i discovered that i get bad feelings each time i enter the room i worked at. I moved to a new room and i discovered that those negative feelings disappeared.

Now the reason behind that is that my mind recalled all the unpleasant memories that happened in that room as soon as i entered it. Now if i kept working in the same room and new pleasant memories happened then after sometime the room will start to trigger positive emotions instead of positive ones.

In other words, the emotional changes we experience in many places happen because of the memories inside our minds and not the place itself.

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