Why do we hate advertisements and advertising

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Many people hate the industry

Advertising is a huge business, everyday billions are spent on ads for new and existing products. But as the industry grows bigger the number of people who hate it also grow in number. Today the majority of people hate web advertisements, ads and even TV ads. Many people use ad blockers to block ads while others mute TV ads as soon as they encounter them. See also love, hatred and the mind.

So why do people hate that industry so much? And was it always like that?
The quick answer is no. People didn't hate the industry since it was born, in fact people liked ads in the beginning, but as a result of many factors that we will discuss together hatred towards the advertising industry grew.

Let's exmaine together the factors that led to that hatered.

What's the source of this hatred

We humans like to have control over our lives and we usually hate it when someone tries to force himself into our lives. The first problem with ads is that they are usually intrusive. In the beginning there were very few ads and so they seemed interesting to people but as the number of ads increased advertisers started using more annoying methods to force people to know about their products.

Popup ads are among the most popular form of annoying ads. As people become more blind to banners and other forms of online ads advertisers started coming with more noticeable forms of ads such as popup ads. Those kinds of ads created an unpleasent feeling for consumers and forced them to hate the industry.

In addition to that people started getting annoyed by the frequency of ads. According to many studies a typical person gets exposed to thousands of ads everyday. Because the repetition of an intrusive thing is usually annoying people started hating ads even more. Advertisers didn't just keep watching but they kept developing even more intrusive methods to deliver their messages.

As this cycle kept repeating itself some people reached a state where they hated all kinds and forms of ads.
An additional factor that made ads more annoying was displaying them in the wrong time. While consumers are happily watching an interesting show suddenly the show stops and ads show up. This act took the amount of hatred towards TV ads to a new level.

Broken promises

In addition to all this mistrust started growing between consumers and advertisers. As many advertisers gave false promises or over-hyped mediocre products people started losing faith in advertisers to the extent that some people believe that are advertisers are liars or at least the majority of them.

In addition to broken promises scammers showed up , fooled some people and robbed them their money. Those scammers added further hatred to the industry. Spammers wanted a part of the pie as well. They started bombing people with random emails about unneeded products.

All of those factors combined made the typical person hate the advertisement industry and most advertisers.

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