Why is Instagram successful and why you should care

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why is Instagram successful?

Instagram is the Twitter of a pictures. Its a site that allows people to post their photos, have followers and to follow people to see their photos.

Instragram was one of the most successful start ups since its traffic exploded shortly after the app was developed. Now the question is, why did Isntagram become so successful in a short period of time?

Earlier i said that in order to develop an extremely successful business or website you need to target one of the important psychological needs people have.

While isntagram has many useful uses still the main reason it succeeded is that it targeted two of the most important human needs: the desire to show off and the desire to feel important.

The desire to show off is a part of the human nature

When was the last time someone labeled you showy?
When was the last time someone told you that you are a show off?

Here is fact that most humans refuse to admit. All human beings want to show off in a way or another but because most of them do it in subtle ways people learned to criticize those who show off directly. Why would someone post a picture on instagram?

To show off how good he is. Each picture shared on that site carries a hidden message. Look i have good looking friends, look i am good looking, hey look my car is awesome, hey i am rich, hey i am popular, hey i own a big house...etc.

Hadn't all human beings had the desire to show off instagram would have never made it.
All human beings were built with the desire to show off but society has taught people to call those who do it excessively showy people.

Satisfying the Ego

Every human being wants to feel more important.
You might call a person egoistic because he glorifies himself but in fact each human being wants to glorify himself in a way or another. (see also Striving for superiority)

The ability to have followers is one of the most brilliant ideas that allows people to satisfy their egos. People would want to see their followers increasing each day and that's why they became addicted to the sites that were built on the following/followers system such as twitter and Isntagram.

The more followers a person gets the more important he feels and the more addicted he becomes to the site.

Why you should care about these findings?

Here is why you should care about this analysis:

  • 1) Understand that humans are masters of self deception: Next time someone calls you showy open his eyes to the fact that he is showy as well. Show him that the only difference between you is the way you both show off (see also Self deception explained)
  • 2) Learn how to win people to your side: If you made a person feel important, more worthy or if you got impressed on intention when he started to show off then he will like you
  • 3) Learn how to create a successful business: Want to create a successful business? Then find a strong human desire and create a product that helps people satisfy it.

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