Why some men care much about the past of their women

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Some men over do it

It's normal for a man to be curious about his woman's past.
After all any normal person would be interested to know whom his woman liked before and whom she was in a relationship with.

While a certain degree of interest is normal, and that's why i won't cover it in this article, still there are men who go lengthens when it comes to digging in the past of their women.

Those men don't just try to seek information but they start changing their behavior as a result of anticipating certain things that never happen.

Some men over do it. They keep asking questions all the time about the woman's past to an extent that they make her suffocate, start doubting her actions and eventually breaking up with her.

In this article i will explain how those men think.

Why some men care much about the past of their women

  • 1) They are insecure: In the Solid Self confidence program i said when a person becomes insecure he tends to seek more information in order to calm himself down. Because some men are too insecure about their ability to keep their women they want to know about all of the possible threats
  • 2) They have trust issues: People who have trust issues and the ones who have done many bad things that they doubt the intentions of everything might be very keen to know about a woman's past. Those people won't ask about a woman's past to get the facts but they will ask in order to keep their women under constant monitoring. See Fear of trusting people
  • 3) They doubt the intentions of some men: Those men might have regarded some other men as threats and as a result they wanted to know whether their women had any relationships with those men before. Those men usually ask about a woman's past in order to prove their doubts and theories true
  • 4) To prevent them from contacting those people: Men who aren't secure enough about their relationships will want to prevent their women from coming in contact with anyone who might be a threat. In such a case getting the threat list and making it forbidden can make those men feel better
  • 5) They are control freaks: Control freaks hate to leave anything for chance. They usually want to know every single thing about a woman's past in order to make sure they are in control

Is it right to ask for this information?

Of course it is.
Openness and transparency are one of the important foundations of healthy relationships.

A person should expect his partner to be open and honest when he asks about something. But the problem is that some people abuse their rights , especially men, and turn into tyrants who keep questioning everything their women does just because they are feeling insecure.

Some men keep their women under constant monitor as if they are living with a spy or someone they can never trust. This kind of behaviour is wrong because it destroys many of the important foundations of healthy relationships like honesty and comfort.

Yes it's your right as a man to ask and get answer but abusing your rights will only result in ruining the relationship.

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