Why some men want trophy wives

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Men and Women are very different

Why do some men think of women as trophies?
Why do some men get bored of their women as soon as they realize they got them?
Why do some men want trophy wives?

The Trophy wife phenomenon is common among men and the reason women fail to understand it is that both men and women think differently of romantic relationships. In my previous article Why some men aren't romantic i explained how men think in a totally different way than women do when it comes to relationships.

The problem with most women is that they keep assuming that men have the same beliefs about relationships as they do and that's why they end up very confused.

Men care so much about their status. Men buy expensive watches, big cars and big houses to display their status. This kind of thinking makes most men goal oriented and trophy hunters. See also why some men are players.

Why some men want Trophy wives

While this might sound astonishing for some women still it's true. Some men think of women as trophies that can add to their personal status. A man can consider his wife a new step towards being recognized as a more successful person.

A man who is after a trophy wife will usually go for the very beautiful women. That man might also try to pick women who belong to a certain powerful families that can add to his status.

In other words the man looking for a trophy wife is just a person who is looking to gain more status by getting into a relationship with a certain woman. See also why some men pull away in early stages.

The fact that most men are less emotional and romantic than women makes it easy for some men to choose their life partners that way. While they never admit it so many men don't care about romance and just fake their behaviour in order to prevent fights.

Many men consider romance a meaningless thing and they only think of sex when it comes to women. The fact that those facts are unpleasant to women is the main reason why men try to hide them and it's also the same reason why romance novels are getting more and more popular.

Those romance novels provide women with the things they failed to find in real life and this is why they cling to that new imaginary world those novels provide them with.

Should you be with someone who wants a trophy wife?

This might sound odd but in fact many of the men who want trophy wives will fight to keep their women beside them. In such a case the loss of the woman is considered a serious loss of status and that's why those men will usually try to keep their wives.

The real problem is with the fact that most women don't like to be considered trophies and they will go lengthens to avoid men who think like that.

The more showy a man is the more likely he is going to go for a trophy wife. If a man cares a lot about what others think and if it was apparent from his behaviour that he wants to appear better in front of everyone then the possibility that he is looking for a trophy wife will be high.

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