Why romance Novels are popular

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What makes anything popular?

Do things become popular because they are good?
Do things become popular because they are right?

The right answer is not yes or no. The right answer is : Things become popular because people need them. Weather a thing is good or bad, right or wrong its popularity is determined by people's needs.

In my previous article where do fairy tales come from i explained how fairy tales can be a reflection of the unconscious desires of people. If people were suffering from slavery under the rule of a ruthless king then legends about brave warriors who save them might circulate.

In other words when there is a massive need for something then anything that fills that need will become popular.

Why are romance novels popular?

On the top of the list of priorities of most women lies relationships. Yes some women don't think that way but the majority believe that having a good relationship is one of the most important things in their lives. See why some men don't mind staying single.

Those women face a lot of disappointments during their journey to find a good relationship because of many different reasons. The fact that many men only want sex, the fact that many men aren't romantic and the fact that it's really hard to find exactly what they are looking for result in great disappointments.

Even the women who are happy with their relationships hate many aspects of their successful relationships. Some women wanted to be with richer men, Some women wanted to be with more good looking men while some others wanted to be with men who have better personality traits.

Those problems along with broken dreams and disappointments together created a very powerful need for an escapement method that takes women back to an imaginary world where everything is still possible.

This is why romantic novels are popular. They are a second chance women give themselves in order to find the man they really dreamed about being with. Had all women been happy and satisfied with their relationships those novels would have hardly became that popular. See also Why 50 shades of grey is so popular.

The ideal picture of love

The one other powerful factor that makes romance novels popular is that people in general prefer to hear a sweat lie than a bitter truth. Romance novels, songs and movies have done a great job in portraying romantic relationships in flawless ways. See Why romantic relationships are overrated.

Those unrealistic pictures of relationships fuel the disappointments women have even more and thus lead to a never ending cycle of disappointment and consumption of romance novels. In my article Why love is not like in the movies i explained how the unrealistic view of relationships in movies and romance novels usually leads to serious post relationship problems.

Yes some romance novels might be good, others might give a realistic picture of love but most of them depend on one thing which is telling people, especially women, what they want to hear instead of telling them the truth.

Romance novels are popular because the people who buy them , usually women, have a deep need of believing in them as the real world disappointed them.

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