Why would someone who likes you ignore you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why Analyzing people isn't that easy

Why would someone who likes you ignore you?
Assuming that you are sure of the intentions of the person, what could possibility be the reason behind their bad treatment?

The problem with human beings is that you can't deal with them using a one plus one equals two approach. I get many mails from people who ask me to tell them exactly why is someone acting in a certain way and my answer is usually as follows : It's very hard to rule out a single possibility by just looking at a single snapshot.

In order for behavior to be perfectly understood you need to find the connection between more than one event instead of relying on one or two events. In my article How to analyze human behaviour i explained how you can easily find someone's real intentions by just connecting the dots.

During early stages of interaction with a person the best thing you can do is lay out possible scenarios and then wait until one of them is confirmed.

Why would someone who likes you ignore you

So what are the possible scenarios in such a case?

  • 1) Friends might have instructed them: Most people consult their friends when it comes to relationships. If their friends suggested that they back off for a certain amount of time then you might find yourself being ignored. See How peer pressure can ruin your life
  • 2) They are trying to get you attached: In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that one of the ways to attract someone to you is to confuse them so that they think about you more. People who know that fact might ignore you on intention to get you attached
  • 3) Backing off to see your response: Some people back off or give mixed signals to see the response of the other party. See also why people give mixed signals
  • 4) They think you don't like them: When people don't get enough signs they usually back off. A person who believes that you don't like them back can start ignoring you. See also why some men pull away in early stages
  • 5) You read the signs wrong: You might have mistakenly assumed that a person liked you. If you haven't seen any of those signs then the person might not have emotions for you
  • 6) Their love maps changed : This can hardly happen on the short term. In my previous article why we lose interest in the people we like i explained how changes that happen in a person's love map can let him lose interest in a person he used to like
  • 7) Revenge: The person who likes you might have decided to get revenge because you weren't that nice to them.

What should you do

Generally you should not assume that a person likes you before seeing enough evidence not to get yourself attached. See also should you be friends with your ex.

When you see enough signs you can assume that something is going on but before that it might be a mistake to jump to conclusions.

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