5 ways peer pressure can ruin your life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The crowd isn't always right

We human beings love to fit in, be accepted and approved. Those strong desires force most people to respond to peer pressure by changing their strategies. It's very common for a person to change his plans or to rethink them after being subjected to some pressure by his friends and family.

For the first instance fitting in might seem like a good idea. After all if a group of people (your friends in this case) thought that something is wrong then it must be wrong, right?

The short answer is no. Many studies have shown how group thinking can be biased and lead to horrible outcomes. Most people are not brave enough to take risks, people prefer to remain in their comfort zones and the majority of people you will come across hold false beliefs about life. This is why peer pressure can be very dangerous in some cases. In this article i will tell you about 5 famous situations where such a pressure can ruin your life. (see also 5 reasons you should never follow the crowd)

5 ways pressure from your friends can ruin your life

  • 1) Getting in the wrong relationship: If most of your friends are in relationships then most probably they have already convinced you that something is wrong with you. The act of trying to get into a relationship just because everyone else is doing it or because you are getting older can lead to catastrophic choices (see also 10 signs you should break up now)
  • 2) Joining the wrong College: Don't get it wrong. College can be great but only for those who need it. Under the effect of peer pressure so many people waste precious years of their lives in college only to find that those years were a total waste of time. You should only join a college if you really want that and not because everyone in your city does it (see Is it really worth having a degree)
  • 3) Keeping the horrible Job: It's so normal for a person who hates his life because of his job to keep it because of the pressure coming from his friends. Most people are too insecure to leave a job or to become entrepreneurs. Because of that fact the person who tells his friends that he wants to quit his job is always pressured to keep it
  • 4) Taking the safe path: So many people want to start business and become their own bosses but their friends usually keep telling them that this is an unsafe path. As a result so many people walk in a path that they hate just because they were convinced by their friends that it's the safer path. Yes it might be safer but if it doesn't meet your ambition and personal needs then it will certainly make you depressed (see 7 life mistakes that can cause depression)
  • 5) Living the wrong life: Each person has his own needs, wants and the different things that make him happy. The things that make you happy could be way different than the things that make your friends happy. Under the effect of peer pressure people move in herds, do the same things and that's why most of them end up living an unhappy life

Courage is the soloution

So what's the soloution to end the bad effects of peer pressure? As the title states it's courage. But you can't just be brave by commanding your mind because in addition to that you need to know some important facts. You need to know that most people are not brave and that the majority are unhappy. You need to know that crowds usually take the wrong decisions. you need to know that happy people are a minority

You need to know that groups are more cautious and reserved. And finally you need to know that unless you follow your own path, work towards your own dreams and satisfy your own needs you will never find happiness in life.

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