Don't let people bring you down

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Don't let people bring you down

We all know that negative people can put others down and prevent them from reaching their real potential, however, i am not talking about people who can bring you down when you tell them about a business idea you are about to start working on but i am talking about people who can make you feel less worthy without you even notice!

Research has shown that people tend to behave in a way that allows them to match the expectations others has set for them! One research has shown that girls get good grades at math until a certain age where boys start to outperform them.

Do you know why this happens?
Its because girls start to reflect the stereotypes people have imposed on them! If suddenly everyone started to treat you as a barbie instead of an intellectual being then before you even notice you will become less intellectual. (see The effects of stereotyping)

People don't just put others down by their words but they actually drag them down by the wrong expectations they set for them!

How can people drag you down

Why do you think a child who was always encouraged by his parents usually becomes a confident grown up? (see Raising self confident children)

Its because his family was telling him indirectly that he is a worthy being who is capable of taking every challenge.

On the other hand the child who was always criticized during his childhood usually grows up having lots of self doubts. This is how our brain works, we take the external input people feed us with then make it a part of our reality!

Another research has shown that when interviewers treated certain candidates in a less friendly way they did poorly in the interview! On the other hands those who were treated in a good way scored higher points!

Again the candidate unconsciously collects the signals, believes that he is not that good and as a result he performs poorly!

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that studies found that when people believe that others find them attractive they actually fulfill the prophecy and somehow appear more attractive to them!

When some people were told that their random blind dates became so anxious when they saw their pictures they actually acted more confidently and were rated as more likable by their dates!

Don't let anyone determine who you are!

Just as you saw, people can't just bring you down but they can determine who you are!
Its like a spell that a person who thinks that you are no good casts on you and the worst part is that you are the one who make the spell work!

Break these spells!
Don't let someone determine who you are through his incorrect expectations
Don't let people limit your potential

Instead, prove people wrong! All successful people were rejected lots of times but they always refused to accept people's expectations of them.

Had any successful person believed those who incorrectly judged him the spell would have worked and that person would have never became successful!

Don't ever let someone determine who you are.

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