How to be confident with women

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to be confident with women

A recent psychological research has proven that people act based upon how they expect others to perceive them. If they believed that people will think highly of them they become confident around them while if they believed that others dislike them they became withdrawn.

You might have noticed that you become nice, friendly and cheerful with the people who like you and reserved with the people you think that they dislike you.

Being confident with women is all about learning how to believe that they will think highly of you.

Its all in your mind

If people act based upon their expectations of what others think of them then believing that they are admirable, interesting or attractive will let them feel confident and become outgoing around women and men.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the reason why lots of men don't feel confident around women (and vise versa) is that the distorted expectations they hold in their minds about their likability changes their behavior.

Because we were programmed by the media, friends who used to criticize us and our past experiences some of us started to believe that they are not interesting enough to be admired by women and men.

As soon as this belief is formed the person will find it very hard to act confident around women or men.

The solution to becoming confident around women and men

First of all you must understand the fact that some people will dislike you even if you were perfect. Putting that in mind means that you should expect a rejection once in a while.

The second thing is that you must assume by default that all people will like you, once you do that your behavior and actions will automatically change to match your assumptions and everyone will find you confident and outgoing.

Of course that won't prevent the few dislikes or rejections you will get but on the other hand if you didn't think that way the number of rejections will go up as the result of being withdrawn and anxious.

So if you acted confident around women you will get the normal number of rejections everyone gets while if you didn't act confident you will be rejected more often. So if the number of rejections will remain the same then why not act confident all the time without caring about the results??

Think that people will like you
you will act confident
and most of them will like you

Think that women won't like you
you will become withdrawn
and most of them will dislike you

its all in your hands.

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