How to handle a woman with daddy issues

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Brad and Jane

Brad and Jane got into a relationship because they loved each other. In the beginning of the relationship Brad noticed that Jane was overly anxious about the possibility of he leaving her then shortly he started to notice a disturbing pattern.

If he didn't call Jane for few hours she would get mad, start a fight and blame him for not caring. Brad was very confused because he was unable to see any reason that could make Jane angry.

After all he gets busy at work and sometimes he never touches his phone for hours. Jane is among many of the woman who have been left with destructive thinking patterns as a result of being mistreated or even abused by their dads. See how your past affects your present.

Jane's dad was a distant man who happened to cheat on her mother. Even though he promised many times that he would change he still failed to control his desires and was caught cheating more than once.

At the back of Jane's mind her biggest fear was being unloved by her man the way she believed her father didn't love her mother. See why some cheaters never change.

The problem with Daddy issues

The problem with daddy issues is that a large number of the women who suffer from them aren't even aware of their existence. Jane used to calm herself every now and then by waiting for Brad's call. If he didn't call her she would accuse him of being cold and unemotional.

In short, the fact that Jane was constantly blaming someone else prevented her from digging in her past and finding out that she has an unhealed wound.

Daddy issues fall under different categories. Some women feel unsolved, some feel unworthy while others always feel that they will get replaced or cheated on. In all of these cases the bad treatment coming from the father is the primary reason for the negative thinking patterns those women developed. See also How your relationship with your parents affects you.

How to handle a woman with daddy issues

Doing what the woman wants , like calling her every few hours, is only a very short term soloution. Yes that soloution can calm the woman down for some time but in the end she will always look for more signs that prove her negative theory true.

After all this is how the human brain works. In the Super powers course i said that when you become too concerned about something your brain works hard to look for signs that prove its existence.

The best soloution in such a case is trying to understand the woman's past perfectly then helping her realize how this past is currently affecting her. That will certainly require a lot of hard work however it's a long term soloution that is guaranteed to work.

If Jane realized that she feels unloved because she is afraid to end up like her mother then certainly she will see things in a different way. With trust and reassurance from Brad she will be able to understand that not all men act the same and that the fact that one man has cheated doesn't make all men cheaters.

If on the other hand the issue was left untreated then it will grow and take different forms. Even if Brad kept calling Jane she might start looking for more subtle signs then accuse him of being distant and unavailable.

Sometimes the best way to deal with a problem in the present is to face an unpleasant past.

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