How to know if a guy is not that into you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Some guys aren't into commitment

I get so many messages from female readers who ask me whether their crush wants serious commitment or not.

In my article Why women like bad boys i explained how women get attracted the most to the unavailable type who isn't really into commitment.

The problem that happens each time is that the woman seeks the challenge of trying to force that unavailable person to commit only to end up being more attached to him.

The one fact you must know about guys is that many of them get into relationships to fill emotional gaps, to have fun, to prove something to themselves or to have sex. In other words, you need to be very careful ,if you were a woman, not to get attached to the wrong person who doesn't really have any intention to commit. (see also The psychology of players).

I decided to write this post to help you see the warning signs that shows that a man doesn't really want to commit.

how to know if a guy is not that into you

If a guy is not that into you or if he doesn't want to commit then:

  • 1) He won't call back if you stopped calling: Many women are too impatient to prevent themselves from calling their crush for days. This test can show whether a man is really interested in commitment or whether he is just playing around. Stop calling him for a week or even more and see his response. If he didn't call back then know that he is not that interested in you. Sometimes a guy might call back because he is emotionally in need or because he doesn't have anyone else to call that's why you need to repeat the test more than once (see also Fear of commitment in relationship)
  • 2) Will never take the relationship any step further: Guys who want to have fun hate it when women start to talk about serious commitment or even about moving the relationship to the next step. They will always want things to remain as they are. They want you to either play by their rules or go away. Try to break the rules and see if the man will keep you, if he refused to stay in the relationship then know that he wasn't serious from the beginning (i am talking about rules that could lead to serious commitment). (see also How to know if someone likes you)
  • 3)They won't mind letting you go away: A man who really cares will always come back even after you have a serious fight. The one who is not that into you might be dating more than woman at once (this is usually the case with men who are not that interested) and as soon as you start causing him headaches he will dump you and focus on the other ones. (see Signs that show that someone likes you
  • 4) He will seem confused: Here is a simple rule that most women never take into consideration, if someone is confused about two things then both of them aren't good enough for him. Had one choice been extremely interesting then that person wouldn't have had to think that much. If a man is flirting with more than one woman then know that he isn't interested in both

The problem isn't with that man but its with your wrong choices

The biggest mistake women do is that they put a lot of effort to force that man to commit to them without realizing that the problem was with their wrong choice. This type of man will never commit simply because he is not that into you.

Breaking up should be an easy thing after you read my articles about breakups but the real problem is not with breaking up, its with making the wrong choice.

I know its a challenge to pick the available man since he seems less attractive but if you want serious commitment you must understand that the unavailable man would have been an available man if he really wanted to commit. (see also Body language attraction signals)

The real challenge you have in here is to learn how to depend on your mind instead of depending on emotions to make a choice. I am not asking you to go for a man that you don't really want but i am just asking you to choose a good man who is at least more available than that cold distant man you are chasing.

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