I look ugly in pictures

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I look ugly in pictures

Your self image is the image you have for yourself in your mind. Some people have self image problems because they believe that they are less beautiful than they really are and they may even believe that they are ugly while they are not.(see I am ugly).

Poor self image results in anxiety around people especially pretty ones (see Fear of pretty women), bad moods whenever something reminds the person of his looks, low self esteem and depression.

Are you really ugly?

No you are not!! Your poor self image was formed as a result of seeing hundreds of pictures of yourself that look bad. Since any belief is formed by continues repetition the repeated exposure to ugly images has resulted in letting you believe that you are ugly.

Do you know that people don’t appear with their real looks in pictures? The camera takes 2D pictures and omits lots of the real 3D features of your face. This results in a totally different person appearing in the photo than the real you.

The question you should ask yourself is, how do I look like in mirrors?

If you look good in mirrors then you are really pretty when people see you in the 3D form (which is how people view you with both of their eyes) but when your face is printed on paper and you appear in 2D form you become ugly. That’s it.

More factors to consider

Do you think that when you look at something you actually see it?
In fact you only see the object after your brain has done some processing to it.

When you assume that you are ugly or that you don't look good then your brain will actually modify the images of yourself that you see in order to prove you correct.

Your mind doesn't really care about what's right or wrong as much as it cares about proving your beliefs correct. In a previous article about Looking ugly in mirrors i explained how your brain can even alter your perception of your real image in the mirror just to prove your incorrect beliefs true.

That's not everything. Your mood can also change the way you perceive things including the image of yourself. In other words when looking at yourself while experiencing negative emotions you might actually see an ugly person.

Use social cues to get rid of that belief

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that one of the best way to prove your false beliefs wrong is to collect real evidence from real social situations.

If for example you have people who like you or you knew that someone admires you then you can use this evidence to prove to yourself that you are truly likeable.

Cameras are still far from the accuracy of a human eye

Cameras are still very far from achieving the same processing power of a human eye. In other words the pictures you see of yourself aren't a real representation of how you look like in life.

In fact some people who look really good in pictures don't look that good in real life. This should provide enough evidence for you that those pictures don't really represent the real thing.

Self image issues

The problem with self image issues is that you will live your life thinking that you look ugly while you are not. Whenever you meet someone you will recall your imaginary ugly image then lose your self confidence.

Having a poor self image is not a small problem, its something that can ruin your life and even lead to suicide if you didn’t deal with it. You must understand that you are really not ugly and that its all about the picture stored in your mind.

You can start treating your self image problem by reading my article how to deal with self image problems.

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