Problem solving skills (tips to solve life problems)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Problem solving skills (tips to solve life problems)

I am sure that one day a friend of your tried to help you find a solution for one of your problems and as soon as he found one a new problem appeared.

For example suppose you had no time to study and then one of your friends helped you come up with a time table. Right after that you might find that even though the time table problem was solved you still lack motivation to study.

Now the question is. Why do we remember other problems as soon as we solve one problem?
This happens because of the way the mind works. In this article i will explain how your mind thinks of problems and i will also tell you how to solve life problems.

How problems are sorted inside the mind

Problems are stored in the form of a pile inside the mind. The more important problems are placed on the top of the pile while the less important ones are placed near the bottom.

The less important problems are placed lower in the pile and that's why they might not come to your awareness before the ones above them are removed.

That's why as soon as you solve a life problem you quickly find another one appearing. In order to solve life problems effectively you need to be persistent enough until you get rid of all the big items in the pile of problems.

If you don't solve your life problems you won't enjoy your life

One of the reasons many people are unhappy is that they have a big pile of problems that they are not dealing with.

Right before your mood changes your mind scans this pile of problems to see if it can make you feel happy or not. If for example you had lots of problems and then started watching a comedy movie then most probably you won't enjoy it like a friend who has less problems because in such a case your mind will limit your happiness potential.

I am not saying that you can't feel happy while you have problems but what i am trying to say is that certainly your happiness levels will be limited as long as you have a big pile of unsolved problems.

Problem solving skills and mood improvement

The good news is that you don't have to solve all of your problems in order to be able to enjoy your life but you just need an action plan to follow in order to feel good.

For example, if you had three major problems then as soon as you set a plan and start working on them you will find yourself feeling much better.

Your mind sends you the bad moods in order to motivate you to take actions and once it finds you taking actions to solve your problems it reduces the bad moods as it finds that they are no longer needed.

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