How to induce motivation

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Motivation and real need

There nothing that could motivate you more than a real need. When you read about the history of famous billionaires you will find that most of them suffered from severe financial insecurities earlier in their lives.

That’s why they compensated for this need by becoming billionaires. I always say that a millionaire could have been raised in a rich or a poor family but a billionaire is usually raised in a poor family.

The burning desire & the real need

The amount of energy you can get out of a real need is infinite, just look at the type A personality and how he uses each minute and each second of his time to overcome insecurity.

Look at people who work until they fall or look at people who do extraordinary tasks to earn living. There is no amount of energy on earth that could be equivalent to the amount of energy you could get by having a real need.

how to induce motivation

Now after knowing this, why not create this need? Why not force yourself to be in a situation where you become really in need of achieving your goals? This may sound mad but if you always wished to have a private business then why don’t you just quit your current job?

Quitting your current job will create a real need for money and so this could awaken the the sleeping entrepreneur inside you. (I am not suggesting that you do so, this is just an example)

If you always wanted to be rich, why don’t you make rich friends? The more time you spend with those people the more you will feel that you are different than them and the more you will be creating a strong need for becoming rich.

I cannot cover all possible examples but just let your mind think of ways that could force you to be under some kind of pressure that creates a powerful need. If you succeeded in creating that need you will have tremendous amount of energy.

Procrastination, motivation and getting the task done

Some people mistakenly believe that people who get their tasks done are the ones who are always motivated but that's completely incorrect.

People who get their jobs done and who never procrastinate are not the ones who always feel motivated but they are the ones who work even when they are not in the mood!

This means that a typical doer works while feeling bad, sad, down and even depressed. If he felt motivated he uses it as a bonus to complete even more tasks but if he felt down then he never stops working.

Life won't treat you nicely everyday and if you depended on this nice treatment then you will end up with tons of uncompleted tasks.

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